6 best-selling infoproducts in the digital market

6 best-selling infoproducts in the digital market post thumbnail image

Due to the improvement of internet reach in Brazil, people are increasingly consuming different types of content, mainly infoproducts. If you want to enter this market and find out which are the bestselling infoproducts, you are in the right place!

Infoproducts are products in digital format. That’s why we decided to gather here in this article the six main types of infoproducts most sold on the internet.

But before that, let’s consider some important points about infoproducts.

What is an infoproduct?

If you’re one of the many people who still don’t know this term, we’ll explain it. In fact, infoproducts are a type of merchandise with informative content, and this merchandise is distributed exclusively over the internet, having a digital format.

They came with the objective of providing readers and users with information that brings solutions to a certain type of problem or a certain subject.

Its commercialization or delivery can happen for free or paid. Among all the infoproducts that exist on the internet, one of the most consumed by people today is ebooks.

You’ve certainly come across someone selling a book in digital format, this book is called ebook. You can access these ebooks through any mobile device, computer or notebook.

But there are not only ebooks as a type of infoproduct, there are also many others that provide their users with audiobooks, online courses , video classes, members area and many others.

The bestselling infoproducts on the internet

After a short summary about what an infoproduct is, let’s see now which are the main ones currently being sold on the internet.

6# Audiobooks

audiobook info products best selling

One of the most sold infoproducts on the internet is audiobooks, they are digital books that have audio as a format.

Because of how easy it is to consume, more and more people have been attracted to these products, its storage facility is another very important point that makes people consume a lot.

With audiobooks you can be listening to content anywhere, just have a headset and an audio player device.

5# Subscription programs

One more type of infoproduct that has been widely consumed by internet users is subscription programs. These programs are also popularly known as “member’s area”.

In this type of infoproduct, the consumer will hire a service and payment for this service will be made monthly.

In a members area you will find several types of services for those who work exclusively online. To access some of these services, it is very important that you hire this service by paying a monthly fee.

In addition to that, there are also many other platforms that offer similar services or other types of services, which have the same precedents for usage. Pay for the service in order to use it.

In addition to these platforms, there are also those whose main service is email marketing, diets and members’ area with exclusive recipes.

4# Script or templates for blogs

Another infoproduct that has been widely consumed by people is templates or scripts that are used to build a blog or website.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to have your blog or website to sell infoproducts, it is important to create a blog. To make your blog look good and make it good enough to attract users you need to use a good template or scripts.

That’s why templates and scripts are in 4th place in our ranking of top products sold on the internet. This is because to have a blog or website it is necessary that it has a good appearance, so those who want it, do not spare efforts to make your website as beautiful as possible.

3# Tools

One more among the best-selling infoproducts are digital tools, they are found in several formats, one of them being plugins for use in Word Press and the other in the form of programs that need to be installed on the computer.

A classic example to make it easy to understand about digital tools is the semi-pro and professional photo and video editors. Other digital tools are antivirus and photoshop programs.

Because of the high demand for these infoproducts, they ended up in our third place in the ranking of most consumed infoproducts on the internet.

2# Ebooks

The second of the best-selling infoproducts are ebooks. As we said at the beginning of this article, one of the most sold infoproducts on the internet is digital books. To consume them, just download them on your computer, cell phone or kindle.

Because of advances in technology, most people are choosing to read books in this format. This is because access to them is much easier and they can be read anytime and anywhere just having the device in hand.

Nowadays, having physical books is no longer a good option, because after reading them they end up in a corner just gathering dust or serving as support for other things. Therefore, having an ebook has a huge advantage in not accumulating books and wasting space or gathering dust in your home.

Another advantage of consuming ebooks, instead of physical books, is their value, as they are very affordable and have a much simpler logistics, due to the delivery that is made entirely over the internet.

1# online courses

Now, reaching the first place in our ranking of best-selling infoproducts, we have video classes and online courses. We have no doubt that this type of infoproduct is the most sold on the internet. As well as being one of the most sought after.

Due to some factors, distance learning courses or video classes have been increasingly sought after by users, some of these factors are:

  1. Have a much better cost-benefit ratio than a face-to-face course;
  2. Time availability is another great benefit of this infoproduct, as the user chooses the best time to consume it;
  3. Another point of this type of infoproduct is that, in most cases, access to it is unlimited without having to pay again;
  4. Support is another very important factor for these infoproducts to be sold so well on the internet;
  5. Most of these online courses offer users at the end a certificate proving course completion;
  6. The content of online courses comes in video classes and most of the time this makes it much easier for students to understand.

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