Co-production: how to create a digital business without producing the content

Co-production: how to create a digital business without producing the content post thumbnail image

Co-production is the act of marketing a digital product in partnership with other people, that is, when a producer and a co-producer get together to sell an info product, in addition to the affiliate team. Overall, the producer is responsible for creating the product and the co-producer is responsible for managing the release, traffic, or the releasing agency.

This partner can even participate in the sales indefinitely or with a deadline to leave, both choose. One of the main advantages of joining co-production is the ease with receivables — unlike making bank transfers to partners, commissions are automatically passed on for each sale on the payment platform.

There are two common scenarios for entering the infoproduct co-production process: two or more specialists in a niche who create together and sell the digital product, or when an entrepreneur joins a releasing agency.

Want to know more about what happens in each case? Just read the text! Or, if you prefer, see this video content:

How co-production works

First, there is no registration system for co-producers, as there is with affiliates. As a producer, you should look for your co-producer or vice versa. What often happens is that a professional is an expert in some field, but has no notion of digital marketing.

Thus, the marketing professional enters as a partner (or a full agency), signs a contract and payment is made based on the results generated. Many specialists from different areas thus gain the opportunity to have their projects available to people who are really interested.

In the same way, the co-producer is also benefited, since he can receive up to 70% of sales and can still earn as an affiliate, simultaneously, with the same product.

The other situation is also normal to happen, in which two professionals from a niche come together to create an infoproduct only. It’s the example of a tattoo artist who invites a dermatologist to talk about care for his tattooed skin, for example. This partnership can be seen by the audience as a differential and/or as a product bonus.

Release Management

The co-producer that manages the launch is responsible for the elaboration and development of the digital strategy as a whole. This professional is expected to know email marketing, SEO, backlinks, copywriting, traffic, sales, etc. and some soft skills, such as leadership and organization.

Traffic management

The traffic professional works with engagement in the digital product’s media, including managing the budget for traffic spending. The manager works mainly with sponsored links on Google Ads and Facebook Ads and should regularly create reports so that the producer can monitor the evolution of sales. In this way, the strategy itself is left to the producer.

Agency management

Often, a 6 in 7 (6 billing digits in 7 days) demands an absurd load of knowledge and work. How would a producer or even a producer and co-producer alone manage to handle valuable content, email automation, ad management, landing page optimization, video editing and metrics analysis? These are some of the minimum requirements involved with a digital product, which can be put into action by an agency managed by the co-producer. Unlike the first type, a launch agency tends to have a greater number of specialists in its client portfolio.

5 tips for effective co-production that sells

Define which role will follow

Now that you’ve seen three basic styles of work as a co-producer, just choose from affiliate management, traffic manager or agency. Each path requires different skills, so preparing yourself is the first step.

Choose the niche to be explored

Among the many that work, like finances, health and relationships, you should try to stand out in just one of them. Knowing a little about various segments can make you look like a low-powered professional at meetings, so focus and study a niche.

Get to know your future partner well

With the niche defined, it becomes easier to look for an entrepreneur or producer you want to work with. On social networks, especially, you can follow them closely, interact, dialogue… this approach is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises when working with your future partner.

Prove your skills

Get in touch with the producer emphasizing what they can gain from your service — how co-production can help you leverage future sales. If he goes to a meeting, it will be time for you to prove what you had already mentioned, especially with success stories, portfolio and, finally, certifications.

Show the benefits of co-production

Understand all possible objections the producer might have and respond one by one. Usually, they can be answered with the following advantages:

More focus on product content

With the delegated technical steps, the niche expert will be able to focus solely on the product’s content — on what is intended to transform lives. When that goal is reached, more sales happen. Thus, this saving of time and money with these assignments (such as e-mail automation and social media management) goes against the full realization of the project with the infoproduct.

Less project risks

If the specialist decides to study marketing from scratch, he can even learn, but many mistakes can appear. Just like riding a bike for the first time. But leaving these studies for another moment and delivering the project in the hands of those who understand, makes everything safer and less risky.

Flexibility at work

A simple conversation can define the best path for producer and co-producer: will the payment be for sales or for service? Will the traffic budget be all from the producer or will it be fifty-fifty? There are no rules, no regulations. They are two self-employed professionals choosing what works for them. In fact, the end of the partnership itself is also a viable choice for discussion.

In this way, co-production daily conquers the position of a promising career in the digital environment. It is an excellent way of working and it still assumes obvious importance to the entrepreneur who is looking to successfully launch his product.

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