Complete guide on how to take an online course

Complete guide on how to take an online course post thumbnail image

According to data collected by the Ministry of Education, distance education is one of the teaching modalities that has grown the most in Brazil. In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to take a course online.

Going against the grain of some other segments that have been heavily affected by the economic crisis, there has never been a better time to create or take an online course.

This business can be very promising, as well as profitable for those who want to undertake in this field. But it is important that, when starting to develop the course, select good content and plan an effective marketing strategy to sell it.

Unfortunately, many people still have doubts about how to start producing a course of their own, this can be crippling and have the effect of preventing you from producing a business that could be very profitable.

But what must be done so that doubt or fear does not paralyze you? Is taking an online course that hard? Do you really need that much money to start investing?

In this article, we are going to give you some tips on what you need to take an online course without letting your fears or fears paralyze you. Keep reading this content and follow our tips.

How to take an online course – Content creation

The main thing when taking an online course from scratch is to create content for the course, this content needs to be good enough to compete with other courses in the digital market.

For this it is not necessary to have great knowledge in editing videos or cinematographic scenarios. Knowing the basics helps and can be the starting point for taking a quality online course.

What will determine whether your video course class is good or not is the quality of its content? Depending on how much knowledge you have and how many problems you manage to solve, it already brings great credibility.

There are free options and options where you can spend little money to create your course content. Here in this article, we’re going to bring up both options.

How to take an online course – Numbers

To make it as clear as water how much the market for online courses has grown in recent years, we decided to bring data in numbers for proper proof. Once you see this data you will be sure that creating content in online course format can be very profitable.

During 2018, according to the EAD census, approximately 31,545 online courses were offered in all educational institutions that were analyzed.

But what has grown the most are open courses, with a growth of approximately 25.4% with regard to business or corporate training and 36.8% in those with different themes.

In relation to data collected in 2017, there was an increase of 20%. When compared to 2016, the growth was 150%. 9 million students prefer this type of education for various reasons, such as the economy with transportation, food and other costs that face-to-face courses have.

Could it be that just seeing these data has the fear and insecurity you may feel diminished and at the same time motivated you to plan the creation of your online course right now? Well, we hope the answer is yes.

Let’s now see everything you need to do to take an online course from 0.

How to Take an Online Course – Teach Something

It may be obvious that the first thing you should do before creating your online course is to define what topic you will cover in it. To get the answer, think a little about everything you know how to do best, something that is very common for you to be praised for.

Did it found? If so, once you’ve mastered this subject, you can start planning to pass this knowledge on through your course. Remembering that to teach through online courses, it is not necessary to have a teaching certificate, just choose what you like to do and master the topic.

Defining the target audience

The second step is to define who your target audience will be. People in that audience need to be interested in your content and, most importantly, buy what you sell.

A tip to be able to define this is by using your social networks, asking people what they would like to see or what type of course they would like to study.  Based on the answers, you might already have an idea of ​​who is interested and who is not.

How to take an online course – Appropriate equipment

Another question that often haunts those who want to start recording content to take their online course is which is the right camera to record.

Keep in mind that when choosing your equipment, the most expensive is not always the best. We always say that the best is what will suit your needs perfectly.

Depending on your financial circumstances, you can start recording your content with your phone’s own camera. But if you can invest in higher quality equipment, you can buy a DSLR camera, which contains many features and its value can vary between R$ 1,500 to R$ 13 thousand reais.

Everything will depend on your financial circumstances, but we can already say in advance that the best thing is for you to invest in quality equipment when you are already having a financial return.

Road map

You don’t need to know how to write a Disney-level script, but another important part of taking an online course is creating a quality script.

The script works for you to organize the ideas you want to pass on to your audience and when each of these ideas will be used. Establish a hierarchy of information and don’t forget to cover topics so you don’t jeopardize your students’ learning.

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