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Email marketing is part of all digital marketing strategic plans. In this post, we will bring some email marketing templates for you to use.

They are very important to make your marketing campaigns for e-commerce.

Day after day we receive in our email several messages without any creativity, purpose or information that we automatically mark as unread or in most cases we unsubscribe.

But that doesn’t happen when a very well done email marketing campaign arrives in our inbox. The curiosity is such that, in addition to reading what is in the body of the email, we even click and often share their content.

Email marketing campaigns

For a campaign to really catch the attention of customers in their inboxes, it needs to be cleverly put together and the writing has been designed to attract readers’ attention, in a sea of ​​endless messages in an inbox.

Many email marketing templates that are considered the best, have as content a personalized template with very interesting graphics and designed for both mobile devices and desktops.

Without forgetting that an email marketing trigger needs to have a relevant CTA.

Even because brands are occupying a portion of subscribers’ time, as well as little space in their inbox, that’s why each email must be thought of as an objective message, which is part of the conversion sales funnel.

Headlines should not be the only attractive thing in email marketing, much less the strategies used to automate it, are enough for the campaign to be successful.

You must take into account that, in addition to these other factors, they are also fundamentally relevant to email marketing.

In order to help you develop material that is excellent for you and subscribers will be willing to accompany you throughout the automation flow, we have separated in this article a list with some examples of free email marketing templates for you to use in your campaigns.

If you want to stay on top of the best free email marketing templates to use in your campaigns, keep reading this article.

Email Marketing Templates – Types

First of all, it’s important to know that email marketing is divided into a few types.

Before starting to produce your email marketing campaign, understand which template is best for you to use in each situation.

Email marketing can also be used according to the situation that the customer is in relation to your company.

  1. Welcome email: can be used at the beginning of a relationship, as well as serving as a trigger for the user to continue advancing in the purchase journey, it is not necessary to initially offer any product or service.
  2. Informative: This email marketing model contains information content, mostly by text and links that point to a website or blog. The submission is periodically so that the engagement is maintained.
  3. Retention: aims to make the customer complete their purchase and, at the same time, remember the benefits that the customer will have with the services at the end of the purchase.
  4. Special: in short, used mostly to celebrate special dates, it has graphics and images in its body and can be sent gifts or discount coupons.
  5. Inactive: in this email marketing model, a means is used to engage those who no longer interact, have offers that are in alignment with the public.
  6. E-commerce: it is present at all stages of the purchase, the content of the email must be related to the store or frequently asked questions by customers.
  7. Promotional: aims to bring offers as well as greater engagement in conversion format, has an attractive Cal-To-Action.
  8. Transactional: has information that is already expected and is used in the same way to confirm the purchase, password change, etc.

These are the main types of email marketing templates, now we’re going to bring free templates of each of them.

Email Marketing Templates 1: Welcome

If you want to start a relationship with a customer on the right foot, the best way is to send a welcome email, this email is compatible as if you were talking personally with the user.

Model 2: Informational or relational

With this email you will continue to interact with the customer, it has informative content in order to update the customer on relevant news in the market or your business.

It is with an informative email that you will use a lot of text and links directing to your website or blog, unlike other models in which the content is the main element.

It is very important that it is sent periodically, so that engagement with contacts is maintained.

Remembering that the brand must always be very visible, preferably placed in the header.

Model 3: Retention

In this third email marketing model, you will use features that will make your customer return to the discontinued purchase process.

It will be necessary to re-engage the user, reminding him of the benefits he will have by continuing to use their services.

Email Marketing Templates 4: Special

With these email marketing templates, you can use to reach the customer in a unique way, such as congratulating them on their birthday or offering congratulations for some customer achievement.

This is the best way to show your customer that he is special to you.

Model 5: Inactive

If any of your customers stopped engaging with emails, don’t give up on them so easily, try to regain their engagement. You can start by using an offer that is eye-catching.

Now be careful, these offers shouldn’t be sent out very often so the customer’s sense of urgency won’t be lost.

Model 6: E-commerce

These models are very important and fundamental for any type of business in the e-commerce model, they have several uses, for example:

  1. Disseminate news;
  2. Make engagement;
  3. Send promotions and reduce the number of abandoned carts etc.

Do not forget that in these email marketing templates it is important that the content is related to the store or the company.

Email Marketing Templates 7: Promotional

The main objective of these email marketing models is to bring an offer to the customer, and this offer can be, for example:

  1. On the sale of product or service;
  2. Download free content;
  3. Invitation to webinar or free trial.


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