How to choose the best membership platform for your digital business?

How to choose the best membership platform for your digital business? post thumbnail image

If you have a digital business, you’ve probably heard of a member platform. It consists of a space for the delivery of infoproducts, such as online courses, recorded webinars, ebooks, etc. Once the platform is chosen, the ideal is that it is maintained, because transferring the products that have already been sent can be a headache for you and for your customers.

We live in a period when many brands and professionals decided to debut or reinforce their digital presence. Is there a more impactful way to do this than creating your own course or hosting your recorded videos on a platform? It is monetizable, professional and sustainable in the long term.

Also, by having your own space, you no longer rely on third-party networks and applications. Algorithm changes, instabilities and even hacker attacks — these are all unlikely when you subscribe to good service. However, when it happens, you have a support team available to take care of everything.

After all, how to choose the right platform for your member’s area? Follow the article to find out.

Member platform: important criteria for your choice

Member access to the site

The first access can be done automatically or manually. Usually, automatic access is superior, since as soon as the purchase is confirmed, the customer will receive a previously created login and password. Look for platforms with this differential, especially if your target audience is older or tends to have difficulty creating accounts over the internet.

Variety of content formats

The more you undertake on the internet, the more easily you will see the continual need to expand your business. So it’s not cool to be stuck with video or PDF content. A platform that supports different content formats, such as audios and quizzes can be the differential for the evolution of your brand.

Material delivery method

Will your material be delivered at once to all subscribers? Or will it be made available progressively as they progress through the course? Will there be packages with more complete content and at different prices? There are many issues to resolve depending on your objective. When in doubt, choose the tool that provides the broadest service.

Installation need

The membership platform can usually be downloaded to the customer’s computer or accessed through the browser. Online access is more practical and secure, as data in the cloud becomes the responsibility of a team skilled in backups and data protection.

Tool Integration

The consumer experience goes far beyond watching and reading content. As an entrepreneur and problem solver, make it as easy as possible for all the tasks that this customer needs to perform within your member area. Financial integration, for example, is essential, especially if payment for the product is monthly, quarterly, etc. This way, you will keep access to the course, depending on your payment status.

Degree of autonomy for the producer

Another indispensable feature in a good member platform is the ability to customize the URL, manage content and other options that provide autonomy in the production of the infoproduct. Also, this constant updating of modules leaves students anxious to check out the news.

Differentials of an Efficient Membership Area

In addition to offering the best options to its members, what can you purchase on a platform that makes your service quality? Being the differential in the rise of the emergence of digital entrepreneurs is a necessity. So find out if the area of ​​members you plan to hire offers one or more of these differentiators:

More sales opportunities

Having your own space to display your courses makes it possible to advertise other products. You can generate a sales page, create offers and launch discount coupons in one place. Make partnerships, offer complementary products and thus make your customer’s experience more complete.

Let’s go to an example? If you are a math teacher you should probably offer a math course in the field. But it is a consensus that those who have difficulty in mathematics may have difficulty in physics. So close a partnership with a physics teacher and create more opportunities by promoting both products to the same audience!

Customer Insights

A well-structured member platform can track some data from your students/customers. Keep track of which modules are completed most frequently by the customer base, which comments are made by them, which products they regularly purchase and, with all these insights, further optimize your production.

In digital entrepreneurship, one of the great insights is data science. Monitor as much as you can to extract strategies that are consistent with your clientele. The challenge today is not to sell, but to sell the right product or service to the right customer at the best time.

A player of your own

Do you know what happens when you upload your video lesson to sites like YouTube and Vimeo? The customer can easily get distracted and remember that gossip channel he tends to watch from time to time. Don’t compete for attention with these platforms, don’t make room for it and enjoy your own member’s area platform.

Also, not all customers like these sites. Vimeo, for example, does not offer the option of external subtitles. YouTube displays advertisements. So look for a platform with a player that has functionality similar to the best of the big video sites.

Optimized communication

Within the tool itself, you can communicate with your students. In addition to reading their comments, viewing their progress, and offering discounts, enter comments, encourage them, and show up close. This humanization can be the differential for your evolution in business.

To choose the most suitable member platform, just follow our dynamics: find out how this member will access the tool, if he will need to install something, etc. Also, explore all the facilities and possible differences in the area.

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