How to choose the right webinar platform for you?

How to choose the right webinar platform for you? post thumbnail image

The digital world brings many opportunities for speakers and knowledgeable people. Many specialists from various niches provide training through the internet. And these people, when they need to do that, are in doubt as to which webinar platform is ideal for delivering these live trainings and workshops.

Many producers when they start working with e-learning face this kind of difficulty, in addition, many are used to doing this kind of thing only in the offline world.

In the offline world, we don’t have this concern about which is the best webinar platform, it only takes a room and your knowledge. We also don’t need a whole lot of concern when it comes to people sharing about your event online. After all, in an online event, the more people watch you, the more results you will achieve.

When you want to do an event online, you must not only have knowledge but be prepared to present it. Carefully choosing which platform to use is one of the speaker’s concerns, as well as the concern that there is no copy of their content.

People want to see something new that will solve their problem. That’s why choosing the best webinar platform to pass on the knowledge people need to solve their problems is so important.

Many things must be taken into consideration when making the choice and there are several digital platform options, which will offer you specific tools that will help you organize an event online.

Examples of webinar platform

Some platforms allow the audience to interact with you via audio, others only allow the audience to interact with you via text.

From there, you can eliminate some options depending on your preference for communicating with the public.

And that includes preferences for:

  1. Audio;
  2. Audio and video;
  3. Text only.

Webinar Platform 1 – Zoom

If you have a closed group and want a very strong interaction with it, you can use platforms that allow you to do this, for example, Zoom.

This webinar platform allows you to host online meetings and events for a large number of people.

Zoom has the ability to enable strong interaction with a large audience, so it is a great webinar platform choice.

This is because each participant enters the meeting room, with their own device’s camera turned on allowing you to see them and they can speak in audio.

There are also some training that are with smaller groups, like mentoring groups. In these groups it is possible to use this webinar platform very effectively.

Zoom only requires the user to install a program that is very simple to download, from the moment you pass the link to it.

Webinar Platform 2 – Webinar Jam

Another platform option is Webinar Jam.

Webinar Jam is a structure that its operation is based on Hangouts and that means that its video transmission is done by Google Meet, but within another platform that will provide other features.

So it has some very interesting options like, for example:

  1. You can use chat;
  2. Being able to get someone out of the room;
  3. Do researches;
  4. Formulate descriptions.

Anyway, it allows the producer to create an online event with an unlimited reach of people and provides some extra features on the platform.

It is a tool widely used by many producers who want to leverage their business.

No matter if the product is online or physical, you can use it anyway.

This platform provides a monetization or billing mode, which is optional.

So it can be used for both free training and paid training.

Among the most diverse tools to hold an online event, Webinar Jam is one of the most complete in the area, where you can even, if you want, customize the access pages with your company’s visual identity. This, for sure, will make your event much more attractive and interesting.

As with Zoom, in Webinar Jam you can insert a multimedia presentation if you prefer to show and not just talk. This will make your event more and more dynamic.

What is the ideal webinar platform?

As you can see, your choice of webinar will depend on what your purpose is when doing a webinar.

So before choosing any platform, first know what your purpose with the online event is.

Once you know this, you will get an ideal webinar platform to achieve your business goals.

You can analyze what functionality the webinar platform will provide you with, such as:

  1. The security of your data;
  2. Data security of users who will participate in your event;
  3. The ability to allow you to engage in the event;
  4. And even the interface.

Is it easy to use? Will your users have difficulty accessing it? Be sure to think about the pros and cons of your choice.

If you want to record the event live and make it available later, you will also need to verify that the platform you have chosen allows you to do this.

It is necessary that before you choose a webinar platform, you must master the techniques of creating an online lecture. It is important that you know how to write a script and, above all, how to promote your webinar.

And you can ask yourself questions, such as: What will my theme be? Is it already finished? Has it been scripted?

Reasoning based on these questions will make the process easier, at the expense of the organization.


In conclusion, doing a free or paid webinar is not just about choosing any platform, creating an event, sharing it with people, and talking about anything.

Depending on what you approach, it needs to be right for you, your purpose and your business.

If you are still in doubt about which webinar platform to use, follow our tips and get ready.

It is important to keep in mind beforehand what you want to convey to your audience, what is your purpose and what results you want to achieve with the online event.

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