How to create a digital product from absolute zero?

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You’ve probably read and researched a little about the digital world and know or have heard about infoproducts. With that, you may have become interested in this possibility of earning an income and started to ask yourself how to create a successful digital product.

But it is natural that you may be a little lost not knowing how to start this business and what to do to launch your product in the market.

So let’s bring you some tips on how to create a digital product from scratch and launch it.

We’ll also mention some important information that should be taken into account before creating and launching your product.

Work theme 

Well, first of all, you need to find the theme for your work and for that you will take into account the opportunities available and the skills developed in how to create a digital product.

Keep in mind that your product needs to be different from anything else you’ve found, this will make it competitive. So include a format that is light, dynamic and different.

Market niche

Of course, before making your product, you need to define what your market niche will be, that is, what this product will be about and what kind of person it will be for.

Market research

Digital product market research

After that, after defining your niche, it’s important to do market research to understand what people’s preference is, what they expect from this product that maybe they haven’t even seen until now, and then know how to create a digital product.

Market research is also important to define price, forms and means of dissemination and approach.

Define your persona

A persona or avatar is basically the personification of your target audience. It’s that person who will consume your content.

You need to realistically draw this person. Tell her what she does, what she wears, places she goes, how she spends her free time, etc. This will help you to have an exact definition of the type of person your product will be aimed at and to understand their needs.

Produce original and quality content

Considering that the client will pay to be able to access the material, the content must have quality, if you intend to follow up on this content this will be even more necessary. He needs to feel like consuming more of your content.

Choose an ideal broadcasting platform

To promote your products, you can either develop your own platform for this or use one that already exists. If you are at the beginning using a platform that already exists may be the best option, that is because it will not be necessary for you to worry about the maintenance of your own platform.

Create a campaign to generate traffic

Your page needs to have traffic to generate sales, for your content to be consumed.

So, create strategies for your product to be promoted and to see traffic some strategies are Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns, as well as content marketing.

Now let’s give some examples of products and how to create a successful digital product.

Digital product with webinars

Once you have defined exactly the subject and the approach material, you will prepare the content by recording a video in the appropriate environment, that is, you will have the subjects of how to create a webinar digital product.

Prepare your audience and generate expectations about your webinar, at the time of execution, try to create empathy and keep people engaged.

Digital product with e-book

To develop this product you will need to get your hands dirty, you can write the entire content and convert this content to PDF format.

How to create an e-book and make it attractive? To leave an attractive appearance, you can count on the help of a professional, a designer, who will elaborate the cover, for example. Once revised and ready, you can launch your e-book on digital product sales platforms.

Home does not want to have all this work, an option is to buy licensed books on specific sites for this. If you buy on an international site, for example, you will only need to translate this material and after that you can launch it.

Digital product with audiobook

To create this product, the first step is to define and prepare all the material that will be narrated recorded.

When creating the digital audiobook product you can remove information that is unimportant, such as the “see below” or “learn more” information.

After that, after creating the entire script that will be read, it is important to review to see if everything is making sense. Once ready you can start reading and recording your material and putting it up for sale.

To sell you can advertise on social networks, email marketing, paid ads, advertising partnerships and even a banner on your own website if you have one.

Digital product with the podcast

digital audio product

Podcast is a digital product similar to radio, but that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

How to create a digital product in podcast? The means of creation will be very similar to the audiobook, but it must create greater intimacy with the listener and make him feel close.

Well, it’s true that producing digital content can be much easier than making a physical product.

You won’t need to worry about logistics, as the product can be delivered over the internet via downloads from the website or received via email, in addition, costs tend to be lower because there will be no product printing or elaboration. Of a physical product.

However, have strategies and be careful to promote the right product to the right person and have an efficient and agile delivery.

After all, anything to work out requires effort, and if you don’t channel these efforts in the best way possible, this can make all your work in vain and not have the results you expected.

Be it an e-book, a webinar, a podcast, an audiobook or even an online course. Once you know how to create a digital product and it is launched, as we have seen, it is of utmost importance that this product is publicized. As we well know, what is not seen is not wanted and consequently is not consumed.


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