How to make animated videos

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Do you know how to make animated videos or have you never tried? Despite being a thorough job, it is not as difficult as it seems nor does it require as much technical knowledge. That’s because there are intuitive websites and apps that help a lot.

With the countless creative possibilities that are found in the tools, it is possible to be successful with this strategy. After all, they tend to have high chances of conversion and catch the attention of the audience. However, before using the apps, it’s also important to plan ahead.

Reasons to make animated videos

Higher Conversion

According to data released by SEMRush, after watching a video of a company, there is 70% more chance of people remembering it. Therefore, the possibility of consumers looking for this brand when they need something will be greater.

Easy to do

If you’re embarrassed to appear in front of the cameras, animated videos are the perfect solution. That’s because you don’t need to be an expert to be able to make a quality video, as there are great tools available for us to use.

Draw attention

Imagine scrolling through a social network timeline and suddenly arriving at an animated video. It will certainly catch your attention more than the photos we commonly see, as it is something different and attractive.

Have a personalized communication

Few people use animated videos to communicate with the audience. So, you can differentiate yourself and adopt this strategy in your communication. Also because, unlike common scenarios, animation has a multitude of possibilities for creation.

Step by step to create the perfect animated video


The first step is to carry out the planning. Don’t skip this step as you will regret it. For this, we suggest that you define:

  • Objective — what will the video be about? What do you want to get across to the audience?
  • Persona – What is the profile of the people you want to impact with the material?
  • Place of disclosure — Define where this video will be, as this will be responsible for the dimensions and language of the animation.
  • Responsibilities and deadlines — who will write the script? Who will put it into practice? What is the deadline for each activity?

Make the storyboard

With the defined objective, assemble the script, defining characters, lines and ideas you want to express. In this first moment, it can be a simple sketch, without defining exactly how each scene will be.

That’s because, right after, we’ll make the storyboard, which is similar to a comic book and allows you to view the chronological sequence with the actions you want to print in the video.

Choose the right tool

With everything planned out, the video creation will be much faster and with less rework, as you will have already eliminated many ideas that you already realized will not work. However, it is necessary to choose a suitable tool.

Therefore, we will present the main sites and applications that you can use in this task. Analyze the characteristics of each one. Then choose the one you most identify with and have the effects you want to use.

6 ideal tools for making animated videos


The PowToon is a very intuitive website and comes with several ready-made templates, which is good for those who have no skills with design or graphic arts. That way, just edit as you want. Among the available elements are:

  • Objects;
  • Scenarios;
  • Characters;
  • Effects;
  • Texts;
  • Narrations.

It’s free, but with limitations. Therefore, it also offers monthly and annual plans of different amounts.


This platform has ready-to-customize video templates in different categories, realistic product mockups and other features. For example, if you want to make a 3D animation, it provides a kit with 900 scenes for you to customize.

Other models available include:

  • Explanatory videos;
  • Whiteboard;
  • Corporate presentation;
  • Between others.

The RenderForest offers five plans ranging from free up to 199 reais/month.


The Vyond – old GoAnimate – has several special effects, animations, voiceovers options, characters and more. It is highly recommended for beginners, precisely because of its ease of use and the amount of pre-defined features for customization.

The site has 3 paid plan options that can be monthly or yearly but provides 14 days of free trial to the user. Furthermore, there is the possibility to create a custom plan.

Stop Motion Studio

This app has an easy-to-use interface and its animations have a high definition. It is available for iOS and android. Some of its features are:

  • Share to YouTube in 4K or GIF;
  • Can access on mobile device or Mac;
  • Rotoscopy that allows the import of videos to be transformed into animation;
  • Add speech bubbles;
  • Include sounds;
  • Eliminate objects.

Most features within Stop Motion Studio are paid, but depending on the size of the project, it is worth making the investment due to the quality delivered by the platform.

Flip clip

FlipaClip is one of the most used by people. It allows the use of up to 3 tiers for free, but the paid plan allows up to 10 tiers. Among its features are:

  • Possibility to change the screen size;
  • Insert texts;
  • brushes, eraser and padding;
  • Grid and Frame Viewer;
  • Save the animation as a video or as a GIF.

It is available for iOS and Android.

PicsArt Animation

This app is free and very complete. PicsArt Animation is available for iOS and Android. In addition to having ready-to-customize templates, some of its features are:

  • Draw on photos;
  • Save the animation as a video or as a GIF;
  • Insert audios and narrations;
  • Change the publication format;
  • Create animations from “zero”.

Besides being easy, making animated videos is a lot of fun and brings a great return, depending on your persona. So, if you believe you will have a good acceptance from the audience, it’s worth investing a few more minutes and putting animations in your Digital Marketing strategy.


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