Online Confectionery Course: How to Create a Successful Online Business?

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Not everyone cooks well and, even more, has the technique that certain types of dishes require. The everyday kitchen does not fully meet the needs that the confectionery requires of a professional. For this reason, more and more people are looking for a course in confectionery. 

More than experience working with sweets, bread, among others in a technical way, confectionery also requires theoretical knowledge. So, how about teaching in an online confectionery course the gastronomic techniques you have mastered for this area?

In this article, you will understand more about this market and the opportunities to teach in an online course.

Understanding the confectionery and its market

When we think about confectionery, we still have the idea that it is a part of gastronomy, in a way, elitist. Of course, on the other hand, confectionery has become more accessible over time. But even so, there are few courses on offer and they still have high prices and costs.

Here in Brazil, confectionery is very recent compared to other places in the world. Therefore, there are people who will study abroad to extract the best knowledge possible, as the confectionery market here still needs to mature more.

In relation to the scenario in other parts of the world, the picture is different, especially in Europe. There are still doubts about the exact origin, but Europe is very famous for dominating this area of ​​gastronomy. And, even, there is talk about Egypt has been a cradle of confectionery, but nothing proved.

Even though Brazil is at a “disadvantage” in relation to the European continent, the market here is not stagnant. More and more new confectioners appear to keep the economy of this segment heated and contributing to the growth and development of the market.

But regardless of which market is more heated, the area of the online course allows you to sell to people in other countries, even if you live in Brazil. Amazing, right? After knowing this information, how about creating your online confectionery course to meet the demand of this market and reach a greater number of people?

Online Confectionery Course

As mentioned earlier in this article, confectionery is a practical experience, but it is also necessary to master basic and theoretical concepts. In addition to having skill with your hands to make recipes, it is important to know the right point of dough, cream or syrup, for example.

To help with this process, a better understanding of the ingredients and how they combine makes all the difference to an assertive recipe. When you know the ingredients that best match each other, the ones that don’t work so well – chemically speaking in the recipe or the flavour combination itself –, you have more chances of success. Whether to create recipes minimizing the chances of error or avoiding wasted ingredients.

Another content that is also basic and fundamental is the base of the confectionery, which is very important for those who are just starting out. The student will need to study the concepts and theories of this topic before actually getting down to business.

These concepts are some examples of what you can easily teach in an online course. From that, teaching online you will offer your knowledge, you will have a more consolidated name as a professional and you will still have a source of income.

Advantages of teaching online

Like Mara Angelo Gasques – mentioned in the link about market growth and development earlier in this article -, you can choose to teach confectionery and not to sell your cakes, sweets, among others.

The easiest and most practical way to get started is with an online course. First, you will need to devote time to producing your content and invest capital to develop the course and bring it to market.

But then you won’t need to worry about more details, as the course will be available on the internet, without depending on your presence for the classes to take place.

In parallel, you can carry out other activities: selling your confectionery products, going to events or even taking a course abroad to specialize. By acquiring new knowledge and experiences, you will have more content to develop new materials and courses for your students.

This flexibility that the online modality allows you may be what you need to take a new step in your career and make your name stand out with your online confectionery course.

Advantages of Learning Online

I’ve already talked about market opportunities for you. Now I’m going to talk about some attractions you can use for your online confectionery course and thus attract students.

Thinking about the examples above in a face-to-face course, the beginning student would invest commuting time and money in the tuition fee to learn basic concepts. In an online confectionery course, the student can attend these classes whenever and wherever they want, as well as adjust their study and practice time.

A face-to-face course tends to charge more than an online course due to physical infrastructure expenses. Thus, when taking an online course, the money saved with travel and monthly fees or instalments can be reverted to the purchase of kitchen equipment. After all, it will be the laboratory and even a workstation.

Learning online, your student has more time to work while studying. And this income working as a confectioner will also be useful for him to invest in other courses and/or equipment and thus improve himself further.

Creating my course

If you’ve come this far and read all the information provided and analyzed all the points, something tells me you want to advance your online confectionery course project, right?

Well, but how do you do this? What are the first steps?

Here I talked about basic confectionery contents as examples throughout the text. But if you have more experience in the field, you can explore your more advanced knowledge in the same way.

It all depends on your speciality and this will define who you will offer your course to – basically, who your students will be. This will imply the size of your audience: the more specific the subject of the course, the number of people will possibly be smaller compared to more general subjects. It’s what we call a niche.

Despite having a smaller audience, depending on the degree of difficulty and the number of professionals who teach this specific subject, your course will have a higher price.

Knowing what you are going to teach and who to teach it to, you need to know how you are going to make your confectionery course available online. And, only then, start producing the content.

Don’t panic! It’s not complicated to follow these steps. I’ve covered each and more detail in this article where I talk about how to build your own successful online course business.

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