Sales pitch: what is it and how to do it in a digital business?

Sales pitch: what is it and how to do it in a digital business? post thumbnail image

Did you know that there are strategies and techniques that can make your sales process easier? Among them, we can highlight the sales pitch. It’s a technique that helps convince the lead that the digital solution you offer is ideal for solving their problem.

To be able to put the pitch into practice, it is necessary to know it, as well as understand how it can be done. With that in mind, in this text, we separate the main information on this subject.
Thus, you will be able to use this technique in your daily life to succeed in the sales process. Therefore, read on and check it out!

What is a sales pitch?

A sales pitch is a short speech aimed at presenting an idea or solution to a lead or customer. In other words, it is a commercial presentation that lasts a few minutes but has great influence when closing a sale.

It needs to be objective, coherent and convincing in order to achieve the expected result. In addition, it should primarily cover the benefits you can provide through your digital products or services.

This technique was born in Silicon Valley, as startups used the “elevator pitch” to convince investors that their ideas were profitable. This moment of interaction had to be quick, as there was no time to spend hours on a more detailed presentation.

It is important to mention that this speech can be made in person, by phone, by WhatsApp, by videoconference, by email, among other communication mechanisms. That way, you can pass on your information and, at the same time, boost your lead to walk inside your sales funnel.

Before the pitch, the sales process took hours or days, now just a quick conversation can close a deal. Therefore, through it you can speed up the process and, consequently, increase your revenue.

It is worth noting that this speech can be used at various times during the sales funnel. In other words, it can be used in the potential customer’s first contact with the brand or with the infoproduct.

As well as when convincing the lead that he/she needs your solution or to get around the purchase objections, or even when presenting the sales proposal. Therefore, we can say that this technique is essential for you to be successful in your digital business.

How to make a sales pitch?

As we’ve seen, sales pitch can make a difference in your online venture. Therefore, it is important that you know the step by step to put this technique into practice. Given this context, see how to do this below.

Set the goal

The first step in making a successful sales pitch is defining your goal. From there, you can build a killer speech. To do so, think about the results you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term.

With this information in mind, it’s easier to format a succinct, customized presentation to achieve your goals. For example, if you want to close the sale of your online course, prepare your targeted speech for that.

That way, you can convince the lead that he needs your solution to solve his problem. Thus, the sale ends up happening naturally and you will have to make use of more aggressive arguments.

Study your avatar

You will never get the expected results in your sales if you forget to study your avatar. Therefore, do research to understand the main characteristics, pains, desires and purchase objections.

Therefore, it is possible to have input to develop a personalized speech. In addition, you will know how to act in case of unforeseen events during the conversation. Remember that the more you know your audience, the more likely you are to close a sale.

That’s because the arguments flowed more easily, as you’ll know how the lead can react to a certain sentence. Also, don’t forget to use empathy to your advantage. When we put ourselves in the other’s shoes, it’s easier to understand their reactions.

Plan the speech

Now that you know what your objective is and know your target audience, you can prepare a more customized presentation to gain your lead’s trust. Remember, this conversation is where you’re going to direct him into your sales funnel.

That’s why it’s important to think about your speech ahead of time, as you’ll have little time to speak. In this case, don’t forget to offer customized solutions according to your customer’s characteristics and needs.

To do so, show that you are prepared to solve the problems that afflict your lead’s day-to-day life, as well as present the main benefits of your idea or solution. Also, be prepared to break purchase objections.

It is noteworthy that this speech cannot be standardized. Imagine getting a call or an email from a person who looks like a robot, that wouldn’t be cool. So, customize the approach, have good arguments, and don’t forget to empathize. These are the keys to a good sales pitch.

Make the sales pitch

The time has come for you to put into practice everything you planned. Then contact the lead and give your 3-5 minute speech or send an email. Remember, he needs to be objective and convincing.

Therefore, avoid talking about prices, product or service description, among other more technical items. As we saw in planning, you need to focus on the benefits your solution can provide to the lead.

It is also important to adapt to the availability of the potential customer, that is, take into account that the person may not have enough time to talk at that moment. So, use the minutes you have available wisely.

After finishing your quick presentation, don’t forget to make the sale. To do this, be subtle and make the lead realize that your proposal can help solve their problem. Thus, the purchase happens naturally, without you having to force it by constantly mentioning values ​​and discounts.

We can conclude that the sales pitch is a very effective and efficient technique to speed up the process of closing a deal. As a result, you can sell your infoproducts and, still, create a relationship that enhances the loyalty of your customers.

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