Small Gardens: 30 Ideas and Inspirations for your Home

Living in big cities makes us miss the daily contact with nature, even in small gardens. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a space where green prevails both in houses and apartments. After all, it is proven that the connection with plants brings countless benefits for health, well-being and quality of life.

Even in the smallest spaces, it is possible to create a green corner that is perfect for growing your favorite plant and flower species. Whether in the form of a vertical garden, as well as in winter gardens or even in a small space in the backyard. It pays to invest in a small garden no matter where you live! Check out some really cool ideas for small gardens.

Types of garden

The small gardens are great for those who want to invest in a little green corner and don’t have a lot of footage available. After all, no matter if your garden is going to be potted, flowerbed or planted directly in the ground, you can have a green space to call your own.

And those who think that a large investment must be made to have their green area are mistaken. That’s because with good balconies, you create beautiful gardens full of charm. Ensuring a space of well-being and relaxation at home.

Choosing plants is also important to ensure the durability of small gardens. Search for the species that best adapt to your city’s climate. In summary, some plants need year-round sunshine, while others grow best in semi-shade. Before buying, see which one is most suitable for the one without a garden.

For those who don’t have much gardening skills either, it’s also possible to have a green corner at home. After all, small gardens can have plants that are easy to care for, such as cacti and succulents. In this way, we have separated some inspirations that you can apply in your home and create your space to contemplate nature.

In any small environment, the first trick is to take advantage of the vertical area, trellises, niches and shelves are great elements to compose the decoration of small gardens.

For those who want to build a garden on the ground, first use the corners for the tallest plants. As for the central area, the ideal is to look for lower species in this way, so you don’t create any visual barriers.

Image 1 – With brown losses on the ground, the green corner brought the plants in pots, facilitating maintenance. The cactus is easy to care for, as it does not need constant watering or pruning.

Small garden inspirations for all types of dwellings.

Small and inexpensive gardens

Having a small garden can be cheaper than you think! In short, you can invest in a green corner in pots, or even with vertical trusses. But what matters is to seek creative solutions to avoid excessive spending and not lose your green space due to lack of money

The idea is to make the most of space for the creation of small gardens, for that, it is possible to use the corridors to create green areas. Another idea is to use spaces under the stairs, as well as lost corners in the backyard.

Image 2 – You know those canvas shoe racks used both behind doors and inside closets? Take advantage of the piece to create a vertical garden!

Modern vertical garden.

Image 3 – An idea to save money and break even turn small gardens into sustainable spaces was to use PET bottles as vases. Also, be sure to pierce the cap to drain the irrigation water.

Small and inexpensive gardens.

Image 4 – Shelves are wild in decoration and the small garden could not be different. Therefore, colorful shelves and cachepots were used to visually compose. The choice for narrow models does not impact the circulation of the balcony, therefore, it is the most assertive option for small spaces.

Vertical garden with shelves.

Image 5 – Concrete blocks were the basis of this small garden. As small as it is, it makes the look very modern.

Concrete block used as small garden.

Image 6 – The chicken coop screen served as the basis for this vertical garden full of charm.

Small vertical garden made with chicken wire and earthenware pots.

Image 7 – Good idea for those who like to reuse materials, the crates formed a shelf for the little plants. Just like the old chair that gained a new function, and was perfect next to the vertical garden.

Small gardens for apartments.

Small and simple gardens

Undeniably, the small gardens bring a cozy look to the home. However, it is not always easy to optimize small rooms to accommodate small gardens. So pay attention to the tips.

It is worth thinking about solutions for small and simple gardens that are far from the commonplace. But the simplicity in this case is not just about easy-to-do solutions.

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Simplicity can also be linked to the maintenance of the small garden, mainly because taking care of the little plants is not an easy task. Check out some examples that show how to have small and simple gardens in your home.

Image 8 – The bed against the wall received different species of seedlings, as well as potted plants for walls and larger seedlings in pots on the ground.

Image 9 – The small garden was made in a very simple way: a piece of wood divides the corner of the backyard where the white pebbles were placed. In short, for the garden, the little plants – like the elephant’s foot – were placed in pots, so the choice was for a simple garden because it guarantees easy maintenance.

Good idea for small gardens made in the ground.

Image 10 – There is always a cup alone at home that belongs to a game that broke, our tip is: don’t throw them away! Well, they are used to create small gardens at home. So, in addition to the cute look, it gives a new function to pieces that would otherwise be discarded.

Small gardens are the alternative for those who want to be green at home.

Image 11 – A ladder can be the foundation for your small garden. In other words, here the steps served as the basis for pots of all sizes and with different types of plants. In addition to the species on the ladder, the larger plants that were supported on the ground.

Small gardens call for simple and creative solutions.

Image 12 – The kitchen can also be your home’s garden! Thus, the pots for a spice garden were suspended by utensil bars.

Vertical garden avoids the little space.

Residential garden

Those who live at home can create small gardens in the backyard, garage and even under the stairs. There is no lack of layout and layout options and ideas for investing in your own home garden.

It is worth remembering that it is necessary to think carefully about the species chosen for the settings. After all, in areas subject to bad weather, plants that like noon sun and abundant water are recommended. In apartments and closed rooms, it is preferable to seek species that have durability away from ventilation and excessive sun.

Check out the types that can be chosen for your home to have a green area.

Small and corner gardens

Just as the small gardens gained space on the walls, the corners of the houses keep space for corner beds. In summary, we show some beautiful examples below.

Image 13 – Small gardens can be made in little corners like this one. So, see how river pebbles formed the basis of a beautiful garden.

Corner garden with river pebbles, flowers and palm tree.

Image 14 – Beside the house gate is also space for small gardens. Surprisingly, one corner of the wall turned into a beautiful garden. However, the landscape choice was to intersperse shrubs and trees.

Small gardens can also be built next to the garage, as in this project

Image 15 – However, the corner garden may be more amazing than you can imagine. See here, how the wooden decks led to the small corner patch. Therefore, the space was better used, with living space in the center and greenery on the sides.

Small garden with deck, grass and pine wood.

Image 16 – With a wooden fence, the small corner garden features river pebbles, shrubs, and elephant foot and tree species. In this way, the garden was delimited in a small space in the land.

Small garden in the corner of the land.

Image 17 – Small corner gardens can also be landscaped. It was the case of this beautiful green space that brings four different types of stones to delimit the paths. Thus, to separate the areas, garden delimiters were used, which can be found in home centers.

Small gardens in the backyard of the house.

Image 18 – In the garage at home, it is also possible to invest in a corner garden. The bed with little depth showed that it is worth investing in plants and flowers in order to enhance the composition.

Image 19 – Right at the entrance of the house, beside the gate, a garden at the corner of the wall. Furthermore, the trick was to use the grass to drain the rain, and even plant the species right in the ground.

Corner garden at the entrance to the house.

Small residential gardens

For those who live at home, it’s much easier to have a little green corner. Although the lack of space can be an obstacle, any corner can be enough to build the small residential gardens. Of course, dedicating a space to the green area is essential for those who want a place of well-being at home.

Whether in a flowerbed, planted in the earth or even in pots, the residential garden surprises those who arrive, after all, the colors of nature enchant everyone. We gather the best inspirations to help people who want to have small residential gardens.

Image 20 – More than perfect combination in this home garden where plants rich in foliage create a climate of well-being. Highlight for two details that steal the scene. The table is made from a spool of yarn as well as the beach chairs used in the garden.

Image 21 – The area under the stairs was used for a beautiful garden. Thus, the highlight is the fan palm tree.

Small gardens under the stairs.

Image 22 – This backyard is more like a hallway, and even so, there was room to invest in a small garden.

small garden at the bottom of the farm.

Image 23 – See how nice this small garden with low plants, vertical garden, deck and a delicious table for outdoor meals. Furthermore, the mix between rustic elements, such as wood and bricks, was excellent with the blue of the wall and furniture and the green of the little plants.

Vertical garden with ferns.

Image 24 – Garden composed of bromeliads and deer antler as a hanging plant, in addition, the species is perfect for hanging gardens.

Small garden with bromeliad and deer antler.

Image 25 – A window railing was used as a base for the vertical garden, after all, reuse is necessary!

Small gardens with reuse of materials.

Small and beautiful gardens

Although plants and flowers are naturally beautiful, ensuring beauty in small gardens is not easy. Thinking about the arrangement of the plants, looking for ways to optimize space and also discover the species that match your home’s climate… Phew! Therefore, there are so many attributes for a beautiful garden that you must always look for inspiration.

It is also possible to think of small and beautiful gardens inside the apartment. So, how about taking advantage of the space on the porch to create a little green corner in your apartment? Today, fashion is known as Urban Jungle – in free translation urban jungle – and refers to apartments full of green.

The plants are placed on racks, next to the sofa, as well as invade the balconies and spaces near the windows. Thinking about those who have an eye on the trend, we have separated some references to small and beautiful gardens in apartments.

Small garden in the bedroom.

Image 26 – Urban jungle in the bedroom? He can! According to the trend in decoration, even small spaces can serve as a garden. Here, it was composed of large and small vases, distributed among the floor, headboard, and support bench and side table.

Apartment with small garden in the social area.

Image 27 – Look how beautiful this small garden around the television. As well as the balcony, which saves space for the resident’s pots, who are fanatical about plants.

Plants are great allies in decorating small spaces.

Image 28 – Certainly, the small garden is easy to take care of and can be transferred to another apartment, in the case of rented properties. So you can take your plants everywhere.

Image 29 – As the vertical garden is close to the opening of the balcony, so it is possible to choose plants that are in good contact with the sun and ventilation.

Small garden for apartments.

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