Small Houses: +80 Photos from Outside and Inside

Not everyone has a mansion or dreams of living in one, right? On the other hand, having a small house doesn’t mean it has to be simple and boring. That’s why we’ve separated 80 models of small houses that will show you tips on how to make the environment wider.

Integrated environments

To save space and create a super cozy environment, how about literally destroying the barriers? The integrated environments give the feeling of spaciousness in the house and offer greater comfort, in addition, it is much easier to interact with the visitor even if he is in another room.

The most common option for integration is between the living room and the dining room, but with planning, it’s possible to unleash your imagination and integrate whichever rooms you want with a lot of charm and in a harmonious way.

Image 1: This small house has the kitchen separated from the living room only by a counter.

Small house with integrated living room and kitchen.

Image 2: On the other hand, this model shows a house with all the rooms integrated.

Small house decorated in black, white and gray.

Image 3: It is not only in a small apartment that it is possible to separate the kitchen from the living room using a simple counter.

Living room with kitchen.

Image 4: In this example, all rooms in the room, including kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and laundry, are integrated.

Small houses with all rooms integrated.

Image 5: To separate the rooms, it is possible to use some furniture, such as a shelf, for example.

Bedroom separated from the living room by a closet.

Image 6: On the other hand, this small house made a curtain rail to separate the bedroom from the living room.

Small houses with a bedroom separated from the living room by a curtain.

Image 7: When furnishing an integrated room, remember to use matching furniture.

Integrated dining and living room.

Image 8: The integration of this house offered the feeling of spaciousness in the rooms.

Living room with gray sofa and pink pillows.

Image 9: To start decorating, choose a style to follow in all environments.

Small house with kitchen and integrated rooms.

Image 10: Joining the bedroom and the office is an excellent option for those who need to extend their working hours.

Small houses with an integrated bedroom with an office.

The role of the window in small houses

A small house needs good lighting more than any other. That’s because due to the smaller rooms, it ends up having a lower light input. Therefore, in addition to ensuring luminosity and thus saving energy use, windows play a fundamental role in bringing fresh air into the home.

The tip is to use as many windows as you can, even if the space is tight. For this, it is necessary to plan so that it does not interfere with the furniture’s dynamics.

Image 11: This townhouse has two large balcony doors.

White townhouse with many plants on the porch.

Image 12: This example shows a floor almost entirely made of glass walls.

White house with large glass area.

Image 13: To give elegance to the facade, this house has two vertical windows placed at different heights.

Modern house facade with two vertical windows.

Image 14: Even if the window faces a covered place such as the garage, it is still worth it for ensuring air circulation.

Small house facade with lawn beside the garage.

Image 15: If you have a spare corner in the house, even a small one, it’s worth making a conservatory with a glass door.

Small houses with a garden inside.

Image 16: This small house has a large glass window beside the entrance door.

Facade of small houses with door and window.

Image 17: How about replacing the traditional ceiling with one made of glass?

Laundry room with glass roof.

Image 18: To ensure the privacy of the room, bet on curtains that are not transparent.

Small houses with old model room and pink curtain on the window.

Image 19: An entire wall made of glass is sure to leave the room very well lit.

TV room with large window.

Image 20: This kitchen has adapted the space available between the sink and the cabinet.

Kitchen with window between cabinet and sink.

Small house with custom furniture

In a small house, the mission of buying furniture often ends up becoming a nightmare for not finding the sizes that fit the available space. Therefore, the most suitable is to plan custom furniture, in addition to the size being perfect, it will give an even greater charm to your home.

Image 21: This kitchen integrated with the laundry has custom cabinets.

Small houses with integrated kitchen with laundry.

Image 22: With planning, it is possible to hide the laundry and turn it into a closet.

Small houses with hidden laundry in the kitchen.

Image 23: The table does not take up much space when made to measure.

Dining room with wooden table and mirror.

Image 24: In this example, the table stool is joined with the kitchen counter.

Small houses with mirror in the dining room.

Image 25: When planning a small house, don’t forget about the bathroom!

Small bathroom with blue accents.

Image 26: A planned bathroom cabinet will make you more sophisticated and organized.

Small bathroom with wooden cabinets.

Image 27: In a small room it is even possible to take advantage of the space above the bed.

Small houses with a double bedroom with a closet above the bed.

Image 28: How about adding niches built into the room for decorative items?

Double bedroom with wooden niches.

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Picture 29: This planned table fits perfectly into the wardrobe.

Bedroom with blue wardrobe.

Image 30: In the living room, in addition to the closet, it is possible to plan a TV panel or a coating with internal lighting.

Small houses with 3D cladding in the room.

Small and organized houses

A key to making any room in a small house feel spacious is keeping it organized. So, if you’re not usually organized, bet on closets, this way, all the mess will be hidden.

On the other hand, if you like objects on display, there are several organizers that can help you organize the environment, but in this case, you need much more discipline to keep everything in order.

Image 31: A kitchen with custom furniture with only one potted plant on the countertop.

Small kitchen with custom cabinets.

Image 32: Just like the previous example, this kitchen only has decorative items displayed.

Small houses with kitchens with white and brown cabinets.

Image 33: A room that houses two people tends to be even more disorganized.

Double bedroom with blue wall.

Image 34: How about leaving the books exposed and organized in niches?

Small houses with an office.

Image 35: To store toys, the best option is to use organizer baskets.

Girl's bedroom with organizing baskets.

Image 36: Even small, the bathroom of small houses must be thought of during planning.

Small house bathroom with niches.

Image 37: In this case, the basket is not only an organizer but also a decoration.

Organized bathroom with baskets.

Picture 38: This dining room has cupboards that can house crockery, for example.

Dining room with glass table for five chairs.

Image 39: The wall that divides the ground floor from the mezzanine can be used to store decorative items and books.

Small houses with big niches for books.

Image 40: This laundry, in addition to being organized, has a resident.

Small houses with doghouse in the laundry.


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The mezzanine is a great feature when the house is small and residents need an extra room. Whether it’s a bedroom, a living room or an office, it’s enough for the house to have a high ceiling that you can add.

Image 41: Access to the mezzanine is via a spiral staircase.

Small house decorated in grey, black and wood.

Image 42: This model has a house with all the rooms integrated, except for the bedroom on the upper floor.

Small, modern houses with a mezzanine.

Image 43: To ensure safety on the mezzanine, bet on a glass wall.

Chalet-style house with mezzanine.

Picture 44: This wooden house has a bedroom above the living room.

Small wooden house with mezzanine.

Image 45: In most cases, the mezzanine structure is made of wood.

Small houses with mezzanine with air conditioning.

Image 46: If the ceiling is not so high, the mezzanine might end up being quite low.

Small houses with a low mezzanine.

Image 47: This mezzanine is above the kitchen and has a simple wooden staircase for access.

Mezzanine with double bedroom.

Image 48: How about having a mezzanine just for reading or for practicing some hobby?

Small houses with a mezzanine above the living room.

Image 49: In a children’s room, the mezzanine was on top of the study table.

Small houses with mezzanine in the children's room.

Image 50: This small house made of wood has a more discreet mezzanine that has a smaller exposure.

Small houses with wooden mezzanine.

Small house with light colors

Whether for the bedroom, living room or kitchen, the colors for light houses are the most suitable when it comes to: small house. In addition to being more discreet and combining with any type of furniture or decorative item, the light colors offer a feeling of spaciousness in the room. So, bet on tones ranging from off white to nude.

Image 51: In addition to color, the mirror is also a tool that guarantees the spaciousness of any room in small houses.

Double bedroom with mirror on the wall.

Picture 52: This room still matches the color of the lining with the bed linen.

Small houses with nude rooms.

Image 53: The color of the bathroom must also be considered during planning.

Small houses with bright bathrooms.

Image 54: In addition to the light color, this bathroom has niches that are organizers and the mirror that offers amplitude.

White bathroom with niche and mirror.

Image 55: This uncluttered kitchen has nude cabinets that match the counter.

Small house decorated in nude color.

Image 56: To break the monotony of white, this kitchen has wood cladding.

Small houses with white and wood kitchen.

Picture 57: This room unites the white TV wall with the light sofa.

Small houses with sofa and light walls.

Image 58: On the other hand, another technique to ensure breadth is to use striped features.

Small room with striped rug.

Image 59: Light color can also be present on the facade of small houses.

Three-story small house facade.

Image 60: This small house is white with black accents.

Small house with black and white facade.

Small houses facade

Having a small house doesn’t mean it won’t be noticed on the street. Therefore, it is also necessary to think about the facade of the house so that it makes a good impression on neighbors and visitors, in addition to revealing a little of the personality of the residents.

Image 61: This facade has two large areas of glass that face the lawn.

Small houses with big windows.

Image 62: The narrow house has a floor lined with wood.

Two-story small houses with wood cladding.

Image 63: Even the narrowest space can be used to place a swimming pool and enjoy the hottest days of the year in small houses.

Small townhouse with swimming pool.

Image 64: This classic style has external lighting to enhance the facade even more.

Simple blue house.

Image 65: This gray house has white accents to highlight the door and windows.

Facade of small gray and white houses.

Image 66: A dark house tends to be warmer, so they need even more windows to ensure fresh air.

Small dark houses with porch.

Image 67: A light colored facade allows to use potted plants and flowers in a harmonious way.

Small house with flower pots and plants.

Image 68: This small townhouse used the front of the house to create a space with a lawn and coconut trees.

Two-story small houses.

Image 69: How about enriching the facade of your small house with some type of coating?

Small townhouse with cladding on the facade.

Image 70: This model features a futuristic architecture with a modern facade in light colors.

Small houses with modern architecture.

Small and modern house

Among the various styles of small houses, the modern is currently the most used. One of the main reasons is that this model offers features that simplify the house, whether in decoration, furniture or coating. Great examples are: the use of light spots in the plaster molding, in the built-in oven in the kitchen cabinet and a living room with a sofa retraction and a TV panel with 3D coating.

Image 71: This small house has a modern architecture with a rectangular shape.

Small rectangular-shaped houses.

Image 72: Even narrow, the modernity of this facade is in the glass walls at the front of all floors.

Narrow three story house and car garage.

Picture 73: On the other hand, this kitchen is modern and has all built-in appliances.

Light colored kitchen.

Image 74: As in the previous example, even though this kitchen is small, it has modern features such as lighting, furniture arrangement and appliances.

Kitchen with built-in appliances.

Image 75: This room has recessed lighting, sofa retraction, air conditioning and mirrored coffee table.

Modern bright room model for small houses.

Image 76: The modern highlight of this TV room is the suspended armchair.

Modern room template for small houses.

Image 77: The minimalist bathroom can also be considered modern.

Minimalist white bathroom.

Image 78: The recessed niche, the 3D coating and both suspended and recessed lighting make this bathroom a modern room.

Small houses with modern bathrooms.

Image 79: Industrial gray has been increasingly related to modern environments.

Double bedroom with mirrored wardrobe.

Picture 80: This simple room has differentiated lighting.

Double bedroom with bed and bedside tables.

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