Small Living Room: +90 Inspiring Photos

Planning and decorating a small living room is not an easy task, you must be careful not to overload the room with too much information or furniture that takes up a lot of space and ends up making it difficult to pass through the environment. That’s why we’ve brought you more than 90 photos for you to get inspired and transform your room!

Small Living Room Decor

When it comes to decorating a small living room, you have to think about the details. As it is not possible to use many decorative items so that the environment is visually loaded and ends up giving the wrong feeling of looking smaller than it already is, the tip is to customize the essential items.

It can be a lampshade, a “do it yourself” coffee table and even the photos, what matters is creativity. Plants are also the darlings of the room because in addition to giving color to the environment, they have different sizes and species that can fit into your available space.

Image 1: Small living room with hanging shelves with books, plants and decorative items.

Living room with hanging shelves with decorative items.

Image 2: Small living room decor with a yellow coffee table and two paintings on the wall.

Yellow coffee table made from spool.

Image 3:  Living room in neutral colors decorated with rug, plants and wallpaper that imitates white bricks.

White room decorated with rug and potted plants.

Image 4: Small living room with black and white paintings and colorful pillows.

Frames with black and white writings.

Image 5: Small living room decorated with lots of potted plants on shelves and on the floor.

Small living room with gray wall and shelves with plants.

Image 6: Decorating a small living room with pictures, pillows, coffee table and bench.

Room decorated with pillows, pictures, coffee table and bench.

Image 7: Room with two shelves full of black and white photos of different sizes and positions.

Small living room with two photo shelves.

Image 8: Five-lamp luminaire that looks like the branches of a tree in the small living room.

Small living room with green pillows.

Image 9: Wall with white brick paper and wooden shelves for decorative items such as plants, books and photos.

Room with wallpaper and hanging shelves.

Image 10: Small living room with coffee table and shelves on the walls with pictures.

Frames with black and white frames.

Image 11: Small living room decoration in light colors, lamp, coffee table, armchair, paintings, cushions and rug.

Room with white background frames, rug and armchair.

Image 12: Colorful frames on the sofa well lit with LED lights embedded in the plaster.

Image 13: Small living room with a dark sofa and paintings with white backgrounds.

Room decorated with flower vase, pillows, pictures, lamp and clock.

Image 14: Living room with coffee table with shelf that stores books and magazines.

Living room with gray L-shaped sofa and black and white paintings.

Picture 15: Small white living room with lighted shelf with decorative items.

Small living room decorated with lots of lights.

How to use colors in a small living room

The colors are responsible for bringing joy to any environment, especially the living rooms, which are the meeting point for friends and family. In this case, the pillows can fulfill this role well. It is important to emphasize that the print it will have and even its colors should match the rest of the decoration of the small apartment, for example.

Other elements that give a discreet touch to the small living room but also speak a lot about the residents’ personality are the paintings and the rug. Both are decorative objects and should be chosen with great care, especially in relation to the rug that needs to be the right size to give a feeling of spaciousness in your room.

If you want to learn more about how rug is important in decorating a living room, and also see other decorating tips, be sure to read our article on Decorated Living Room.

Image 16: Small living room with black central sofa, colorful pictures and coffee table with decorative books.

Room with paintings and colorful pillows.

Image 17: Room with blue panel, rustic rack with boxes, books, pictures, lamp and decorative plants.

TV panel made with blue pallets.

Image 18: Room decorated in shades of grey, white and light pink. Centered frames with sofa and lamp on the side.

Living room with gray sofa and pink decor.

Image 19: Living room with beige sofa and colored pillows, centered frame, lamp and table on the side, wall sticker.

Simple living room with colorful pillows.

Image 20: Room with burnt cement wall, shelves and rack with decorative objects.

Room with wooden shelves with decorative items.

Image 21: Room with shades of blue, burnt cement wall and decorative plants.

Small living room with blue wall, paintings and pillows.

Image 22: Shades of grey, black and yellow, one wall of burnt cement and another with geometric wallpaper with black and white frames.

Room decorated in yellow, black, white and gray.

Image 23: Decorated in shades of turquoise, brown and white. Brown sofa and rug, white chair and decorative pillows.

Small living room with blue wall.

Image 24: Gray walls and curtains, colorful rug and pillows, niches in yellow and blue with colorful decorations, vases with flowers in different sizes and shapes.

Room with niches built into the wall.

Image 25: Decor in warm colors, rustic panel and vintage rack, light fixtures above the panel.

Room with orange wall and yellow furniture.

Image 26: White flooring with colorful frames and rug and niches with decorative objects.

Small living room with colorful rug.

Image 27: Decor in shades of pink and gray, sofa with pillows in different patterns, pink barrel with decorative lamp and vase, gray stool.

Room with brick wallpaper.

Picture 28: Living room in shades of beige, light sofa with patterned pillows on turquoise cup holders, blue upholstered benches, beige rug.

Small living room decor with neutral colors and blue accents.

Image 29: Decor with beige tones, colorful paintings and pillows, beige sofa, yellow corner table with decorative objects and large lamp.

Living room with beige sofa and many paintings and colorful pillows.

Image 30: Living room with colored wall, blue sofa with colored pillows, large and yellow lamp, and wooden coffee table.

Colorful furniture

If your goal is to have an exotic environment, with a featured piece of furniture, adding a little color will make your small living room much more charming. In order not to go overboard on decorative items, choosing a single point of attention can be the ideal solution.

Sofas are the most desirable but we shouldn’t be stuck with that, the accent color can be on the coffee table, on the rack, on the puffs and even on the shelves. Therefore, it is worth using your creativity when coloring your furniture.

But be careful, the best thing is to put only one piece of furniture in the spotlight, otherwise the attention will be divided between many pieces of furniture and this will end up offering the feeling that the environment is small.

Picture 31: Living room with orange sofa and wine pillows, coffee table with decorative objects and decoration plants.

Orange sofa with pillows in earthy colors.

Image 32: Living room with burnt cement wall, blue sofa with yellow and blue pillows, decorative pictures and light blue fridge.

Living room with blue bookcase and sofa.

Picture 33: Dark blue sofa with colored pillows, coffee table with decorative objects, shelf with pictures and plants, large lamps.

Living room with navy blue sofa and yellow pillows.

Image 34: Living room with yellow sofa with colorful and patterned pillows, bookcase with decorative objects, colorful pictures, yellow curtain and large clock with shelves and vases.

Small living room with yellow sofa.

Image 35: Blue sofa, two shelves with yellow and black pictures and lamps.

Two yellow and black lamps.

Image 36: Small living room with green sofa with red and green pillows.

Living room with a coffee table with decorative objects and a corner table with vases and flowers.

Image 37: Racket and panel with yellow details, decorative objects, black carpet and upholstered bench.

Yellow zigzag shelves.

Image 38: Burnt cement wall, turquoise corner table with decorative objects, white rack, shelves with decorative objects and turquoise upholstered benches.

Small living room with a small table and blue beanbags.

Picture 39: Living room with burnt cement wall, pink sofa with striped cushion, two corner tables with plants, white coffee table, shelf with pictures, striped rug.

Living room with pink sofa and black and white pillow matching the rug.

Image 40: Small living room with blue upholstered bench, shelf with decorative objects, carpet with blue print, rack with books and plants.

Living room with blue accents.

Picture 41: White living room with hanging plants, corner table with plant, shelf with decorative objects and yellow boxes.

White living room with two yellow boxes.

Image 42: Small living room with blue print wall, colorful dining table and chairs, sofa with colorful pillows, school-style rack with decorative objects, blue rug and pink puff.

Small living room with colorful walls and furniture.

Picture 43: Living room with paintings with pink flowers, light pink sofa with blue pillows, patterned rug.

Small living room with pink sofa and paintings to match the furniture.

Image 44: Decoration with blue sofa and coffee table.

Blue sofa with exposed brick wall.

Image 45: Room with wood panel, white rack, blue sofa, colored frames, gray curtains.

Small living room with blue sofa.

Image 46: Red Raquel with decorative objects, beige sofa, and carpet with beige and blue tones.

Small living room with red furniture.

Neutral small living room

We have arrived at a crucial point in our article. There are many questions as to why they are the most common color palette for small rooms.

First of all, they are perfect as they never go out of style, so it is possible to lavish a touch of color on decorative items. Another point and perhaps the most important is the clean style it offers, this ends up bringing the feeling of spaciousness to the room as the walls, floors and furniture end up joining in similar tones.

Here, care should be taken because they are light colors, there is a false idea that they all match, which is not true. It is necessary to choose up to three colors to compose the environment.

Picture 47: Living room with light gray sofa with dark gray pillows, mirrored rack with decorative objects, white panel, and shelf with decorative objects.

Small living room with wallpapered walls.

Image 48:  White living room with light sofa with blue and green patterned pillows, beige rack with decorative objects and centered frames.

Neutral colored room with colorful pillows.

Picture 49:  Small and light living room, light sofa with dark pillows, rug with geometric print, paintings with light pink prints.

Sofa, walls, curtain and decorative items in neutral colors.

Picture 50:  Living room with light beige sofa with light and dark pillows, shelf with decorative frames, mirrored and white corner tables with decorative objects.

Small living room with brown accents.

Picture 51:  Small, light living room with white rack, light upholstered chairs, large decorative plant, and light beige sofa with colorful pillows.

Small living room with wallpaper, pictures and potted plants.

Picture 52:  Living room with light beige sofa, white rack with decorative objects, and panel with large decorative vases, white shelf.

Small living room with bespoke television panel.

Image 53:  Living room with light gray sofa, rack and panel in woody tone, large decorative plant, and light beige bookcase accompanying the sofa.

Small living room integrated into another room.

Picture 54:  Small living room with light sofa with pillows in shades of blue, white rack and shelf with decorative objects, white bookcase with bar.

Small living room decorated with pillows, rug and shelf.

Picture 55:  Living room with light sofa with table, white rack with fireplace, shelf with decorative objects, and balcony with light sofa.

Small all-white etstra room.

Picture 56:  Living room with light sofa with pillows in shades of blue, upholstered bench and light beige panel.

Small living room with white sofa and puff under shelf.

Picture 57:  Living room with wood panel, white rack with decorative objects, dark brown chair, and light sofa with light and dark pillows.

Small living room with an entire wall made of wood.

Image 58:  Living room with light sofa with different pillows, white and black center table, and coffee table upholstered with decorative objects, plush stools.

Room decorated in light colors and decorative items in shades of pink.

Image 59:  White room with built-in niches for books and objects.

Wall with inlaid niches with books and decorative items.

Image 60:  Living room with light sofa with pillows in shades of blue and dark pink, glass rack and mirrored parts with decorative objects, white panel.

Nude colored room with mirrored rack and TV panel.

Picture 61:  Living room with light gray sofa with light cushions, large decorative floor plan, plush stool, small light center table.

White room with sofa in "L".

Small living room with wallpaper

The fear of abusing the paintings and ending up polluting the wall is quite recurrent and, to put an end to it, wallpaper is perfect for decorating and, to top it off, leave the environment cleaner and more spacious.

There are several models with different designs and even imitating the 3D coating and iron stone. Best of all, the purchase is made per square meter and is easy to apply. As a result, you will have to spend on one person to put it on, it just takes a little patience and the outlay will be much less than the 3D coating itself.

Image 62:  Room with central wall with stone textured wallpaper, light beige Raquel with decorative objects.

Small living room with wallpaper.

Image 63:  Living room with light gray sofa and central wall with 3D geometric wallpaper.

Small living room with wooden coffee table with decorative objects and large lamp.

Picture 64:  Living room with zing sag beige wallpaper.

Small living room with light sofa with cushions in shades of white and beige,

Image 65:  Small living room with large mirrored lamp and central wall with wallpaper patterned in pale blue foliage.

Small living room, pale pink sofa with pink and blue pillows and a corner table with decorative objects.

Image 66:  Living room with rack and light shelves with decorative objects.

Central wall with wallpaper in geometric cubes.

Image 67:  Central wall with pale beige diamond wallpaper.

Gray sofa with side stools, bookcase accompanying the turquoise sofa.

Image 68:  Light sofa with pillows in shades of blue and grey, glass central table with decorative objects, central wall with pale blue patterned wallpaper.

Small living room with light blue wallpaper.

Image 69:  Central wall with decorative paper in white bricks.

Small living room with white rack with decorative objects, large plants next to the rack and plush black chair.

Image 70:  Small living room with walls in burnt cement and rustic brick.

Small living room with a dark gray sofa with black and gray patterned pillows.

Image 71:  Wallpaper in white geometric shape.

Light sofa with pillows in geometric print and raquet in woody tones with decorative objects.

Image 72:  White rack with decorative objects and striped rug in different shades.

Central wall with 3D cubes wallpaper.

Image 73:  Light gray panel, central wall with brick wallpaper in burnt cement tones.

White rack with gray detail and white shelf with decorative objects,

Image 74:  Dark sofa with striped pillows, transparent corner table with decorative objects.

Central wall with grayish 3D wallpaper.

Image 75:  Light living room with wood wallpaper.

Black and white rack, dark shelves and decorative plants.

Image 76:  Central wall with orange and brown flowered wallpaper.

Light sofa with orange and white pillows, white central table with decorative objects.

3D coating

There’s nothing more exotic and innovative than having a 3D coating inside a small living room. It can be on an entire accent wall or just a strip, this detail will give a sophisticated and modern face to your room.

Image 77:  Small living room with 3D gray geometric shaped wallpaper.

Rug in geometric print and gray mirrored racket.

Image 78:  Wall with 3D light brick formats.

White rack with decorative objects and wood panel.

Image 79:  Room with gray rack and mirror, white panel, central wall with white 3D blocks.

3D cladding white wall.

Image 80:  Side shelves with decorative objects, white wall in rectangular shapes with different sizes.

White racket with wood detail.

Image 81:  White sofa with white and black pillows, black central wall in 3D cubes.

3D cladding black wall.

Image 82:  Light beige rack and shelf with decorative objects and wall in 3D rounded shapes and white.

Room with wood panel.

Image 83:  White center table with decorative objects and wall in 3D textured white blocks.

Light sofa with pillows in light tones, rack in woody tone.

Image 84:  White panel, white wall in geometric shapes in 3D randomness.

Raque in woody tone with decorative objects.

Image 85:  3D wall with stone texture with black shelf with plants.

Modern decoration of shelves with potted plants on stone wall in 3D coating.

Image 86:  Sofa with cushions in shades of beige, black and white rack with decorative objects, upholstered caramel bench, and 3D wall with diamond shapes.

3D white coating with television attached to the wall.

Image 87:  White Raquel with decorative objects, wood panel, 3D wall with branches texture, electric fireplace.

Fireplace and 3D cladding in a vertical strip on the wall.

Image 88:  Light room, white rack and wooden shelves with decorative objects, white wall in 3D.

Small living room with 3D coating on the wall of the television with wooden shelves.

Image 89:  3D central wall in burnt cement.

Two white armchairs and behind a wall with 3D light gray stone cladding.

Image 90:  Light room, white rack and wood with decorative objects, gray sofa with orange pillows, gray central wall in 3D.

Room with white wall with 3D coating.

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