Small Room Decor: Tips and Photos to Get You Inspired

The living room is often the main location in a house and decorating small rooms can be a challenge. But it is not because a room is small that it cannot have style.

Your decor requires creativity, organization, the right furniture and accessories, and a few tricks. In this way, it is possible to build a beautiful and functional space.

The most different styles of decoration suit small spaces, making them cozy and stylish. There are several ways to decorate for all budgets and with a lot of personality. All it takes is planning and organization.

For the decoration of a small room, there is a solution of the most diverse styles. Whether for those who like cleaner environments or for people who prefer more colorful rooms, there are alternatives for all tastes.

We’ll give you 11 tips and show you 75 photos with ideas on how to decorate a small room the way you like best, to make your home look beautiful!

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Decorating small rooms must use multifunctional furniture

In a small room, one way to optimize your space is to use furniture that has more than one function. This way, you avoid leaving your room stuffy with too much furniture.

If they have space to store things, even better! Racks with space to store ottomans and can serve as tables are a good example.

Picture 1: Small room decorated with a wooden hack with removable bottoms and a place for an ottoman. These parts can be used as seating for visitors and side tables.

Beige bookcase, which serves as a place to store beanbags

Image 2: In this room, the simple wooden hack with shades of gray holds the ottoman and can be used as a table.

light wooden bookcase decorated with pictures and plants on a gray wall.

Picture 3: Small room with blue wall and white and gray hack, with space to store two black ottomans.

Blue wall and white bookcase, plants and decorative objects and two ottomans, stored under it.

Image 4: The hack in this room has a large rectangular pull under it, which also serves as a coffee table.

gray wall, rack with wooden shelves and simple decor.

mage 5: Folding table that serves as a support and, if necessary, becomes a larger dining table.

White folding table with gray chair with wooden back.

Lose the fear of white for your small room decor

Many people consider leaving the walls of their homes white to be dull and boring. However, keeping the walls that color will make your room more spacious and brighter.

You can also abuse the colors and textures in furniture and accessories. Also consider decorating with the famous Scandinavian style, which mixes minimalism, with wooden elements, neutral colored dots, straight lines and natural fabrics. See pictures of small rooms decorated this way!

Image 6: Small room decorated with all white paint, with the brick wall of the same color, highlighting the place where the TV and the hack are.

All white room, decorated with gray sofa and white furniture.

Image 7: All-white wall decorated with several paintings, arranged in a modern way.

Room with white walls, set of paintings, gray sofa and white coffee table

Image 8: Living room decorated with white walls and various objects on the walls and shelves and a touch of color on the pillows.

White room with a coffee table in the same color, geometric rug and gray sofa.

Picture 9: All white room inspiration.

Comfortable with white walls, sofa, chairs and rack. The table is made of glass.

Image 10: This room combined the white walls with furniture of the same color, giving the feeling that your room is bigger.

All-white room, with a brick wall, dining table, rack, lamp, and a gray sofa.

The minimalist style is perfect for decorating small rooms

The minimalist style is always suitable for smaller rooms and for decorating small rooms. In this style of decoration, few furniture, straight lines and few colors are used, which give lightness and spaciousness to the environment. If this is your vibe, enjoy and abuse!

Image 11: All white room, decorated with few objects, all of them simple, in neutral tones and straight lines,

Minimalist room, with white and black furniture, with straight lines.

Image 12: Two small rooms that demonstrate well what the minimalist style is: few objects, neutral colors and a lot of white.

Assembly with two rooms decorated in a minimalist style, with white walls and furniture.

Image 13: Little furniture, simple and almost empty bookcase and color palette worked in shades of gray and blue.

Minimalist room, decorated with a gray sofa, a coffee table, a straw armchair and a white bookcase.

Picture 14: Simple and beautiful decoration inspiration.

Minimalist room with white hack, curtain and corner table and beige sofa.

Image 15: Beautiful minimalist inspiration to decorate a small room.

Living room with blue sofa, light walls with three large paintings. A wooden coffee table and a sisal rug complete the ambiance.

Picture 16: Very minimalist room, decorated using plenty of white and neutral colors.

Room decorated in minimalist style, using white, straight lines and wood. It has a plant in the corner.

Image 17: Minimalist room using different shades of gray.

Living room with gray walls and sofas and two wooden shelves, decorated with pictures and plants. On top of the sofa there are black and white pillows and in front of it is a wooden coffee table, with a white rug underneath.

Image 18: Few, however striking, elements make up the decoration of this room.

Room with black curtain, black and white rug, iron hack and beige sofa.

Image 19: In the decoration of this room only three colors were used, all neutral, in addition to simple furniture.

Living room with wooden floor, white wall, gray sofa and white furniture.

Decorate your small room with lots of plants

The urban jungles (urban forests) are super-hot and the use of plants is super suitable for your small room. They add a touch of color and beauty to your space, bring life into your home and even help to improve the air in the room.

There are several species that can suit your space and style. It is always important to check the light conditions in your room before choosing your floor plan!

Image 20: Shelf on top of the sofa was used to place hanging plants, which filled the living space.

Living room decorated with bookcase and plants on top of the sofa.

Image 21: In this room, practically all the decoration of the hack was made with hanging plants.

Small living room, simply decorated with a TV rack and an overhead shelf with plants.

Image 22: In the decoration of this room, the plants matched the texture of the wall and the color of the sofa.

Room decorated with terracotta sofa, wooden furniture and plants.

Image 23: Shelf served as support for two plants, which are also in pots in the hack and on the coffee table.

Room with hack in wood and gray, decorated with a TV, paintings and plants. Wooden coffee table and geometric rug.

Image 24: The green of the plants stood out in contrast to the gray wall.

Room with burnt cement wall, gray sofa and plants.

Image 25: Another example of gray wall decoration at the bottom of the shelf with plants.

Living room with a gray wall and multilevel light wood bookcase, decorated with plants and objects.

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Picture 26: Tall plant vase is the highlight of this simple decoration.

Room decorated with wooden rack, beige sofa, an armchair and pillows in shades of blue.

Picture 27: Bulky plant used near the window.

Living room with sofa and nude rugs, white hack with wood, two plants and decorative objects, plus a purple armchair.

Use vertical lines in small room decor

A good small room decor knows how to use vertical lines well, whether on the wall, furniture or accessories, this is a very interesting trick and can help you plan and decorate your small room.

The vertical lines help to give a more spacious impression to your living room, providing more comfort for residents.

Picture 28: Rug in vertical lines used in the decoration of this small room gives the feeling that the room is longer.

Room decorated with rug in vertical lines.

Image 29: As in the previous image, in the room below the rug gave more the feeling of more space to the environment. The curtain also helped to improve the spaciousness of the room.

Bright living room with wooden furniture and black and white striped sofa.

Image 30: The curtain can be used to bring this vertical element into your living room decor.

Room with beige wall and curtains, gray sofa, white rack and black rug.

Image 31: The wooden detail in the decoration of this room highlights the height of the room.

Room decorated with detail in vertical wooden lines on the wall

Use color dots to decorate your room

We have already mentioned here that the use of white or light walls can give your environment more breadth. But that doesn’t mean that you who aren’t a fan of the minimalist style can’t use color in your living room.

Insert colorful and metallic decorative objects and accessories into the decor of your small room to add a touch of style and personality to your room. They can be paintings, lamps, rugs, pillows, small sculptures, among other things.

Image 32: Room decorated using neutral colors, but using yellow dots on decorative objects and corner tables.

Room decorated in neutral colors and yellow details on the corner table.

Image 33: Decor of this small room used yellow on the coffee table, contrasting with the gray that was used in almost the entire room.

Room decorated with gray walls and sofa and colorful paintings, pillows and coffee table.

Picture 34: Room with dark wall and colored items in the decoration.

White room, with a dark wall, wooden rack and gray sofa. The rug is black and white, with a geometric design.

Image 35: Even with the predominantly white room, colorful objects leave the atmosphere cheerful and uncluttered.

Light room, with light gray sofa and white hack, as well as the curtain. The foot of the dining table, the decorations on the table and the lamp are yellow.

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Image 36: Gray room with striking blue details.

Room with blue rug, sofa and blue rack and light wood tone. Cushions are gray and blue.

Enjoy natural lighting in your living room decor

Be careful not to block your living room’s light intakes. Small rooms tend to be darker and more stifling, but if it’s well lit, this problem won’t exist.

Avoid dark curtains and closed colors in your decor, for example. You can also invest in lighter and more fluid fabrics, which allow, even with the curtains closed, a little light to enter the room.

Image 37: Example of a small living room with good direct lighting.

Living room with large window and flowing curtain

Image 38: Roller curtain decoration allows the window to be without interference and all natural light to penetrate the room.

Well-lit room, all white and blue sofa.

Image 39: Window occupies a good part of one of the walls of this living room, filling the room with natural light.

Minimalist room with large, well-lit window.

Image 40: Lightweight curtain with fluid fabric allows natural light to enter without disturbing.

Simple room, with light curtain, gray sofa. white rack and blue ottomans.

Image 41: Another example of a curtain that allows the passage of light.

Room with beige rug, curtains and rack, with white detailing and a white corner table with a rose foot.

Picture 42: Another example of a well-lit room.

Living room with large window, mirrored hack, burnt cement style wall, gray curtain and beige sofa. In the corner, on top of the hack, a tall pot with a plant.

Picture 43: Decoration inspiration without curtain on the balcony door.

Room with a white wall and a brick wall. Blue carpet, beige sofa. The rack is white with wood. The wall behind the sofa has six paintings,

Image 44: The combination of the light wall and furniture, with the fluid curtain, leaves the room with a lot of light.

Living room with white sofa, beige rug, white rack with wooden panel and large frames behind the sofa.

Image 45: Room with light curtain, allowing light to enter the environment

All beige room, with red cushion, rack, sofa and curtains in the same shade and fur rug.

Well done lighting helps to create different environments in one

Speaking of light, choose lighting that can be fixed to the walls or hung from the ceiling, to save space in the room. This feature also allows you to create small environments inside your small living room.

So research and choose well your lighting fixtures and the places in your room where you will place them. The idea is to always enhance your room!

Picture 46: Living room with lamps on the dining table.

Room decorated with wooden rack, befe sofa, black dining table, two chairs and modern lamp,

Picture 47: modern light fixture used on top of the dining table gave style to the decoration of this room.

Room decorated with modern pendant lamp.

Image 48: Design inspiration with different indirect light points.

Room with white hack and wood panel, wine armchair, off white walls and beige sofa.

Picture 49: In this room with a sloping wall, the lamp in the decorated dining room helps to mark this environment.

Dining room decorated with striking lamp.

Picture 50: Indirect lighting on the sofa highlights paintings.

Living room with gray walls and sofa, baby pink pillows and benches and wooden floor.

Use and abuse textures to decorate your small room

Different fabrics and textures will make your room have a strong sensory appeal. Play with it! This is also a way for you to bring comfort and coziness to your small room.

A soft blanket, for example, will make you want to spend the whole afternoon on the sofa, won’t it? You can even choose different fabrics for pillows and rugs. The boo decor style is very suitable for your small room!

Image 51: Decorating project of this small room used different textures on the walls, cushions and carpet.

Room decorated with different textures in pillows, rug and wall decoration.

Image 52: Fur blanket on the sofa and rug give comfort to the environment.

Room decorated with fur blanket on top of the sofa.

Picture 53: Blanket and rug used in this project made the small room cozier.

Room decorated with crochet blanket on a sofa.

Image 54: Decoration of this small room used crocheted elements, straw, fur and leather.

Room with white walls, gray sofa, yellow and green pillows, ottomans and geometric rugs.

Image 55: In this decoration, the sofa, the rug and the blanket are made of different fabrics, favoring the touch.

Clean room, decorated with beige sofa, pillows and rose blanket and white wooden rack.

Image 56: In the decoration of this room, in addition to the rug and the sofa blanket, a different texture was used on one of the walls.

Room with brick wall, fluid gray curtain, white sofa, black rack and gray rug.

Make the most of wall space when planning your living room decor

When we think about decorating a small room, it is essential to make the best use of each space, including the walls. You can use paintings, niches, lamps and shelves, which will bring charm to your room, even allowing you to give your personal touch, with your personality in the environment.

Image 57: Shelf on top of the sofa gives place to different paintings and decorative objects, giving the room charm.

Room decorated with bookcase with pictures and decorative objects;

Image 58: The wall behind the sofa was used to place a mirror and shelves, with decorative objects.

Room with brick walls, gray rack and beige sofa. Behind the sofa is a mirror with a bookcase.

Picture 59: Decorator took advantage of the corner to put a white shelf in the color of the walls.

Bookcase in the corner of the wall decorated with plants, books, paintings and objects.

Picture 60: Beautiful combination of pictures on the same wall where the TV is.

Dark gray wall, decorated with a TV and pictures of different sizes. The hack is white and the hardwood floor.

Picture 61: Another example of space that could be forgotten in the decor, but with the use of shelves it gave even more style to the living room.

Wooden bookcase on three levels, decorated with plants, pictures and decorative objects.

Picture 62: Wall of pictures gives charm to the decoration.

White wall with pictures and bookcase.

Picture 63: Wall with bookcase with books creates a reading environment.

White chair, with plant beside it, in front of wooden shelves with books.

Image 64: Dining table wall has become a space for several paintings, which add charm to the environment.

White dining table with chairs of the same color and six paintings on the wall. Above, a gray lamp.

Image 65: Example of a simple but modern shelf that can be used to decorate living rooms.

white shelf, with rope supports, decorated with pictures, plants and books.

Image 66: Simple and small shelf is a stylish alternative for small spaces

white bookcase decorated with plants, books and decorative objects.

Image 67: Wallpaper usage is a good feature to add charm to room decor.

Room with white curtains, wallpaper behind a beige sofa, white & glass hack with TV, colorful pillows & plush rug.

Use mirrors in your small living room decor

One of the best known tricks for planning the decoration of small rooms, used to give an impression of spaciousness to spaces, is the use of mirrors.

For small rooms, they are perfect, in addition to being very sophisticated and elegant, and can even add a touch of modernity to your decor.

Image 68: Floor-to-ceiling mirrors help to “enlarge” this room.

Living room decorated with large mirror.

Picture 69: The wall behind the sofa is fully mirrored, making it look like the room is twice its size.

Large mirror behind the green sofa. Yellow, green and gray pillows on the sofa.

Image 70: Round and stylish mirror give this space charm.

Modern round mirror in the corner, on top of a bookcase.

Image 71: The mirror in this environment helped to give more amplitude to the environment, in addition to being beautiful!

Decor with rectangular mirror on the sofa

Image 72: Inspiration for a fully mirrored room.

Large mirror, glass table with yellow chairs, white rack with TV and blue ottoman.

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