Social Proof: how to use it in your favor

Social Proof: how to use it in your favor post thumbnail image

How many times have you searched for product reviews before purchasing it? And how many times have you purchased a digital business product because of other people’s comments or because you have more followers than your competitor? In all these cases, the social proof was the key to their decision.

Often, the mental trigger of social proof is applied without the entrepreneur having to make any direct effort. However, it is important to use this trigger purposefully, because people tend to trust others and this can sell more than one offer you make.

Want to understand? So, read on and learn how to apply this strategy.

What are mental triggers?

Mental triggers are great for those looking to make more sales. And this has nothing to do with providing a higher quality or cheaper service, because some of your avatar’s decisions go through more complex aspects, such as the psychological.

Therefore, what we now call mental triggers emerged, which are stimuli with the intention that people develop some emotion, such as satisfaction or fear. In this way, regardless of whether it was a good or bad emotion, the customer tends to buy your product, which shows itself as the solution to some pain or desire.

To better understand the subject, see our article on mental triggers. In this article here, we’ll delve into the social proof trigger and explain how to use it to leverage your digital business sales.

What is the mental trigger of social proof?

Human beings can base their decisions on several aspects. One of them, without a doubt, is social proof, which gathers evidence that other people consider your solution to be very good. There are different ways to apply this trigger.

It can happen when an industry expert talks about a certain product or service, which attracts many interested parties, as they believe that person has authority and knowledge on the topic and is trustworthy.

There is a form that was widely used and one that worked the most until sometimes, which are celebrities. Companies pay for a digital or famous influencer to represent the brand, and fans of that celebrity become customers.

But it can also work with comments from common users on social networks or the number of followers the company has on Instagram. Likewise, social proof can be present in opinions from close friends.

How to use social proof trigger?


Those who sell infoproducts use testimonials a lot to ensure that their product is of quality. After all, unlike a physical product, the lead cannot touch it, nor has it ever been bought from this producer before.

So, before buying, people usually look for the suitability and quality of materials from that seller. One of the ways to shorten the path and make potential customers not even leave your sales page is testimonials from those who have already purchased.


In physical stores, we can consider this social proof as the store with the highest traffic in the mall. In the digital age, the number of followers, the number of comments on photos and shares, for example, are important metrics to convey trust.

That’s why many digital influencers make a standout on Instagram called “reach”. There, they are able to show expressive data, but that the public does not have access to. As an infoproducer, you can disclose the number of sales you have already made.

Doing “unstampable” things

We know that selling through Instagram has become more and more common. Therefore, delivering experiences that the public is interested in posting in stories, as a gift, will ensure that your business is known by more people.

Another tip in this regard is to always repost value markings in your stories. This will show your audience that other people are satisfied and the undecided can decide to buy. In addition, other customers will be motivated to also post about you just in order to be reposted.

Tell stories

Storytelling is the art of storytelling and you can sell through them. Therefore, use this path to improve the testimonials of your customers and publicize in a more interesting and striking way the benefits you provided to that person.

Having such a plot will bring the brand closer to the readers and arouse emotional involvement. Thus, with an attention-grabbing script that focuses on strategic points, the audience will be sure that your product is ideal for them.

Have good partnerships

When influencers talk about your brand, people understand that it is really good and valued in the market, which increases your reputation. Give preference to people in the same niche or who have a persona similar to yours.

This can be done with some exchange or for free, but it is possible that this person will charge a fee. So, do the analysis to see if you will get a return on that investment, even if it is in the long term.

Can social proof also be negative?

You’ve certainly seen negative comments on ReclameAqui or on social media. If this happens to your business, answer and solve each of the problems. Forget ready-made messages and focus on showing empathy and exclusivity to increase customer proximity.

So, no matter how many complaints, you will be accessible and ready to provide the best customer experience available. Then join your team and look for ways to eliminate the flaws in that process.

In this sense, it is important to test improvements and even support and service, in order to please your customer. This is without forgetting to identify what works best for the business, without bottlenecks in the process.

Knowing how to use social proof to your advantage is essential as it is one of the top selling mental triggers on the internet. As much as you have quality content, make an organized launch and have a good product, social proof is what will transmit more confidence to the consumer.

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