Sofa Cleaning: How to Get Rid of Stains and Odors

There are people who spend more time on the couch than in bed, right? Especially on

weekends. And, over time, it is common for dirt to appear on the furniture. That’s why today we bring you all the information you need about sofa cleaning to keep your corner always clean.

First, you need to know what fabric your sofa is. After all, each one of them needs a specific cleaning to not stain, the most common are:

  • Leather;
  • Suede;
  • Nappa;
  • Suede;
  • Linen;
  • Vellum;
  • Microfiber;
  • Chanille.

But, in case you don’t know which fabric is yours, just look at the label on your furniture. In addition, another important piece of information that we must be aware of is the type of washing for each one of them, which is also specified on the label.

Know what the symbols on the label mean

Symbol W

This symbol means that your sofa should be washed normally, ie with a damp cleaning. In this case, use water with neutral detergent, or some other specific product for sofas.

Symbol P

The letter P indicates that the sofa must be dry cleaned. In this case, a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner are enough to carry out a good cleaning.

Symbol O

On the other hand, if your sofa has the letter O on the label as a washing instruction, you should use cold water for cleaning. In addition, you can also add neutral detergent to enhance the cleaning effect.

Symbol F

Finally, in this case, the only way out is to resort to a professional dry cleaning. Fabrics that require this washing need special care that only specialized companies can offer. So don’t try to clean it at home, you might end up staining your sofa.

Now that you know how to identify each cleaning symbol on your sofa, it’s time to get down to business. As a result, from now on you will learn how to do sofa cleaning individually for each type of fabric, let’s go!

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Suede Sofa Cleaning

Sofa cleaning with gloves and brush.

  1. First, mix water with mild detergent;
  2. Then take a clean cloth and leave it slightly damp with the mixture;
  3. Finally, just gently scrub the dirty area and let it dry naturally.

Cleaning a linen, fabric or velvet sofa

Woman wiping cloth on sofa.

  1. Heat a liter of water until it is warm;
  2. Second, add ¼ of white vinegar;
  3. With a cloth, wipe the mixture on the sofa and let it dry naturally.

Suede, chenille or jacquard sofa cleaning

Gray sofa cleaning.

  1. First, get a soft-bristled brush;
  2. Then add neutral detergent;
  3. Finally, just rub on the dirtiest parts.

Leather or leather sofa cleaning

White leather sofa.

  1. Moisten a cloth with water and neutral detergent;
  2. Wipe the sofa with the cloth to clean it;
  3. To make the leather or leather hydrated, smear liquid silicone on a flannel and spread it on the sofa.

Sofa dry cleaning

Dry cleaning of sofa with vacuum cleaner.

  1. With the help of a sieve, spread baking soda on the sofa and let it act for 30 minutes;
  2. Finally, just remove the white powder with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

This method is suitable for washing synthetic fabric sofas, which can end up staining with other sofa cleaning methods.

extra tips

There are also adverse situations that can happen, such as an accident, for example. And, instead of having to do all the cleaning again, it’s possible to clean just that piece. Among these accidents are: stain from a drink, pen, pet hair and even unknown odors.

So, we’ve also separated a compiled with a practical way to solve for one of these situations, check it out!

How to remove hair from the sofa

Cat and dog on the sofa.

Anyone who has pets indoors knows that fur is everywhere, right? But sometimes they end up accumulating in some corners where the pet is more often, such as the sofa.

The simplest method to get rid of this problem is to use a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, depending on the fabric of the sofa, the hair ends up getting tangled and the vacuum cleaner is not enough.

For this case there is a very simple solution: durex. That’s exactly what you read, the durex can be your best partner when getting rid of unwanted hair on the couch. To do this, just cut a piece of the adhesive strip and glue the hair that is stuck to the sofa.

Want to make it even easier? Wrap a piece of Durex in your hand and go through the areas with more hair. Super easy, isn’t it?

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How to remove drink stain from the sofa

Coffee spilled on the sofa.

If you often eat on the couch, you need an ear tug! We know that it is almost irresistible to pause a series, a movie or even a news item to sit down at the dinner table to eat. But, this habit is very important to avoid some stains that can happen by accident on your furniture.

On the other hand, if this has already happened, there is a way to solve it. First, try to keep the liquid from entering the sofa as quickly as possible. This can be done with a paper towel for example as soon as the liquid has been spilled.

Then apply sparkling water to the stained area. The gas will do the job of bringing the stain-causing content back to the surface. Finally, put a paper towel again.

How to remove stain from the sofa

Sofa cleaning with pizza stain.

Perhaps over time, some stains of unknown origin may appear on your sofa. It can be caused by a number of factors, but you can’t leave it there!

So, to finish it off, mix a liter of water with half a glass of white vinegar, a spoon of neutral detergent and two spoons of baking soda. Then pour all the solution into a spray bottle and apply to the dirty area. Finally, scrub with a brush and remove the mixture with a damp cloth.

How to remove pen stain from the sofa

Dirty sofa with pen.

Anyone who has a child at home has certainly been through this situation. And to solve this very common problem, there are two very simple solutions.

The first one is using white vinegar, and it is very important that it is this color so as not to end up staining your sofa. As a result, just apply some of the product to the stained area and rub with the soft side of the sponge until the ink in the pen comes out completely.

Secondly, it is also possible to remove the pen stain from the sofa using make-up remover. That’s right, that product that serves to remove makeup! As a result, just apply a fair amount to a cloth and apply over the stained area.

How to remove odors from the sofa

Table with spray bottle, glove and flannel.

The odor on a sofa can be caused by several reasons, among them is the urine of dogs and cats that are used to staying indoors. In addition, spilling any drink or food on the fabric and not cleaning it properly can also cause bad odor. But do not worry!

To get rid of bad smells, you will need: water, liquid alcohol, baking soda, vinegar and fabric softener. Want to learn how to make your sofa smelly? Check it step by step:

  1. First, mix a liter of water, ¼ cup of liquid alcohol, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, ½ cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of fabric softener;
  2. Then put the whole in a spray bottle and apply it to the sofa;
  3. Finally, let the solution dry naturally.

Remember that this last alternative is valid only for fabric sofas and can even be done in a different way than cleaning mattresses .


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