Stone Iron: 50 Photos and Tips on How to Use this Coating in Decoration

Iron stone is a rock of volcanic origin that, due to its formation process, gains different shapes and textures and color that can vary from rusty brown to black.

This characteristic in its formation is what makes the iron stone very used in architecture and decoration. The rock can be used both indoors and outdoors and combines both with more elegant, modern and sophisticated projects, as with those that have a more rustic style. It is also known as Topazes or Pedra Peirce.

How to buy iron stone

Pedra Ferra is sold in slabs or loose stones and can be used to make three types of coverings in your home. They are: mosaic, fillets and sawn stones.

Iron stone in fillets

Image 1: Fillets used on the bathroom wall, reflected in the sink mirror.

Bathroom with iron stone wall.

Fillets are small strips of stone that are cut irregularly and can vary in width and length.

Sawn iron stone

Image 2: Detail of this sawn stone wall, with irregularly shaped squares.

Detail of sawn stone wall with modern chair in front.

The sawn iron stone is cut into squares of different sizes. When stone is used in this format for decorating or in architecture, the wall gets a design with squares of different sizes and thicknesses.

Peter iron mosaic

Image 3: Entrance hall wall covered with iron stone.

Iron stone wall.

This is a coating created by applying smaller and varied pieces, arranged in such a way that they create a design on the wall.

There is also the iron stone porcelain. This is a type of porcelain that visually resembles iron stone. However, this is an option that is easier to be applied, faster and with a lower cost for your work or renovation.

What is and how is the formation of iron stone

As we said before, iron stone is a rock of volcanic origin. It originates in Brazil and is 100% natural. It is formed by metamorphic rocks that undergo an oxidation process, which gives it the characteristics it has, such as color, texture and varied shapes.

Why use iron stone in your home

Iron stone is a great choice for you to include in your project for several reasons. In addition to the beauty of the stone, it has several advantages.

Image 4: Fireplace covered with iron stone.

Fireplace made with iron stone.

It is a highly resistant rock. Both in relation to physical impacts and corrosive elements, it will hardly be deteriorated. In addition, it handles the action of nature very well, such as wind, rain and sun. For this reason, its use is very suitable for outdoor areas and rooms such as bathrooms.

How to use in decoration

Another great advantage of this coating is its unique coloring, as we have already mentioned here. Due to its formation, no stone is equal to another. Thus, using the period stone, you will have an element full of personality in your home decor.

You will be able to use this coating as part of facades, on walls of entrance halls, gourmet spaces, balconies, among other spaces in the external area of ​​the house.

Also, it works very well indoors. You can use the iron stone on one of the walls of the living room or the dining room. It also works in bathrooms. Regardless of the way it is used, this rock will always bring a modern and innovative look to your home and will help a lot in your decor.

Iron Stone Price

Image 5: Outdoor area with gourmet space covered with this stone.

Barbecue bench covered with stone.

As it is of Brazilian origin, iron stone has a very affordable value. It is found on the market costing between R$ 80 to R$ 120 per square meter. This value is for the part only. You will still have to budget for the labor for installation.

Furthermore, the value can also vary depending on the type of stone.

  • Sawn fillets: Costs between R$ 120 to R$ 150, per square meter.
  • Irregular fillets: Costs between R$ 80 and R$ 100 per square meter.
  • Cubes: Costs between R$ 120 and R$ 150, per square meter, measuring 10cm x 10cm.
  • Mosaic boards: The 30cm x 30cm board costs between R$250 to R$300, per piece.

Iron Stone Care

Image 6: Because it is easy to be cared for, this stone is great for outdoor areas and facades, as in this beautiful example!

House facade with iron stone details.

Another advantage of using this stone as a coating is that the rock is very easy to clean and its maintenance is simple. As we have already said, iron stone is very resistant, both to physical impacts and corrosive elements, and to the action of nature, such as wind, rain and heat.

Still, the ideal, after applying the stone, is that you apply a waterproofing agent over the coating, to improve the protection of its appearance. This way, you’ll be able to maintain the color and other characteristics of the iron stone for longer.

With waterproofing, the iron stone wall will not need much care. Simply using water and a broom or a VAP machine is enough to keep the stones clean.

With this information, you can now include this coating in your project.

+44 Photos of Stone Iron as a coating for inspiration!

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Image 7: See how the stone used in the sink combined very well with the rest of the dark tiled bathroom.

Bathroom with stone.

Image 8: Another beautiful inspiration for people who want to use the period stone on the façade.

Entrance door with iron stone.

Image 9: The coloration of the iron stone combined very well with the green of this garden. One more tip for using this coating!

Wall where a garden is covered with iron stone.

Image 10: Front facade covered with iron stone. Another example that proves the beauty of the material.

Iron stone facade.

Image 11: This stone is perfect for contrasting its rustic features with a more modern façade with straight lines

Modern house facade.

Image 12: See how beautiful this detail on the facade is. It made the house even more modern!

House facade with iron stone.

Image 13: When used indoors, like in this super-large room, the iron stone looks very elegant.

Room with stone wall.

Image 14: Mosaic made in this kitchen island. Beautiful combination of black and stone colors.

Kitchen with iron stone detail.

Image 15: Another iron stone mosaic wall, this time beside the stairs.

Ladder with iron stone wall.

Image 16: Another wall next to the stairs with coating made with iron stone.

Stair wall with iron stone.

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Image 17: The entire internal façade of this house was made with stone. Looks great!

Inner facade made of iron stone.

Image 18: Because it is very resistant, the period stone is a good alternative for showers and showers and bring a lot of beauty to these spaces.

Wall shower made of iron stone.

Image 19: Another beautiful inspiration for those who want to use stone in the kitchen.

Kitchen made of iron stone.

Image 20: The stone was used to make a detail on the wall in the room.

Wall with stone perico.

Image 21: Modern facade, built with sawn iron stone…

Modern house facade, made with stone.

Image 22: See how beautiful this example is. The stone was used on the wall between the sink and cabinets, giving a super elegant touch to this kitchen.

Kitchen with iron stone detail.

Image 23: Living room and dining wall covered with perico stone along with a mirror.

Dining room wall with iron stone.

Image 24: Another inspiration for those who want to use this coating in the shower area.

Shower area lined with iron stone.

Image 25: Another inspiration of a beautiful and modern facade, with part covered with stone.

Iron stone facade.

Image 26: Mosaic made with perico stone, combined with two beautiful plants.

Iron stone facade.

Image 27: Already in this house, the facade was all built with stone. Beautiful example!

House facade made of iron stone.

Image 28: On this wall that is beside this beautiful wooden staircase, sawn iron stone was used to make the cladding.

Wooden ladder beside wall with stone.

Image 29: Even being used only as a detail, the iron stone is very striking in the decoration, as is the case with this sink.

Sink with iron stone.

Image 30: And this incredible combination of perico stone and brick? The coloring made similar between the two made the combination look perfect.

Closed of perico stone with bricks.

Image 31: Even used in only a small space, see how the coating of this stone made all the difference in the decoration of this room.

Room with iron stone detail on the wall.

Image 32: In this example, the coating was used on the entire wall.

Room with entire wall of iron stone.

Image 33: Another wall covered with stone, reflected in the mirror.

Dining room wall covered with iron stone.

Image 34: Wall with high ceilings, all covered with iron stone up to the ceiling. Next to it, the modern staircase and an internal garden complete the environment.

Environment with internal garden and stairs and perico stone wall.

Image 35: Detail of the facade made with iron stone, in a super modern house with straight lines facade.

Stone facade.

Image 36: Another façade with a detail made of perico stone.

Perico stone facade.

Image 38: See this wall made with iron stone bands and special lighting.

Room with details on the stone wall.

Image 39: In detail, mosaic made with iron stone cubes, with different sizes and textures.

Iron stone cubes, with different sizes and textures.

Image 40: Beautiful detail of perico stone, giving beauty and elegance to the facade of this house under construction.

Iron stone facade.

Image 41: See the elegance of the facade of this house. The lighting highlighted the stone’s color and made it even more beautiful!

Perico stone facade.

Image 42: Details of the iron stone fillets that made a beautiful wall!

Perico stone fillet.

Image 42: On this façade, the perico stone forms a strip along with a glass window, which runs along the entire right foot of the residence.

Stone facade.

Image 43: The stone was only used in the small garden in front of the house and still made all the difference in the façade.

Perico stone garden.

Image 44: The color chosen for the facade matched the stone detail.

Iron stone facade.

Image 45: Another façade with just one stone detail, but that made all the difference.

Perico stone facade.

Image 46: Iron stone band on the inner facade of this house.

Wall with iron stone band.

Image 47: In this façade, the perico stone was combined with another rock and it was beautiful!

Perico stone facade.

Image 48: Look at the modern cylindrical detail on this façade, which was made even more beautiful with the perico stone cubes.

Stone facade.

Image 49: See how beautiful this room is, made even more elegant with that stone band.

Room with iron stone detail.

Image 50: Beautiful combination of stone and wood.

Wooden facade with stone.

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