String Rug: +45 Photos and Ideas for the Whole House

A trend in interior decoration that continues with everything in the year 2021 is to use handmade elements in the home environment, such as the string rug – and in this way, you are not left out of this fashion that goes with everything!

Made by you, or purchased under order, the piece guarantees personality to the environments of the whole house, after all, they can be made in different colors and thicknesses, according to what best suits your house or apartment.

Looking to know how to make a string rug and its various types of uses to give an “up” in the decoration? In this article we bring different examples in order to bring inspiration to you!

Where to use string mats

Versatile, they can be used in living rooms, children’s or adults’ rooms and even in wet environments, such as in the kitchen, as a string liner or as a bathroom rug.

That’s because it doesn’t just have the function of heating and bringing thermal comfort to the home environments. But, the items can also ward off sink water, and avoid the wetter around the countertop, or even ward off street dust.

How to make a string rug

Widely propagated in Brazilian craft classes, because the string rug resembles the crochet technique known for decades, which also never goes out of style and requires very little material for its manufacture.

In general, you will need simple materials such as, natural twine wire in the   6, 3.5mm crochet hook, crook needle, scissors and the carpet graphic – with the “recipe” model what you intend to do.

The tip for those who are just starting production of rugs is to search online videos with step-by-step instructions that teach how to make the piece of string, so the chances of making mistakes and wasting material are even smaller.

Step by step to the string mat

As you evolve, you can add flowers, foliage, geometric designs and other motifs to your string rugs, as well as creating finishes with open or closed stitches, everything depends on your personal taste and motor skills.

For simpler models of string rugs, we recommend using chain stitches – as in crochet – or high crochet, if the intention is to create relief in the piece.

Types of carpet

Square string mat

With straight lines and contemporary style, the square rug brings a slightly more modern look, and in short it is ideal for environments such as the living room, composing the decoration along with furniture, such as sofa, rack and armchairs. As well as for bedrooms and dining rooms.

It is also a good idea to use the string rug as the main piece in the decoration, serving to delimit the living area and provide more comfort for residents who love watching TV and relaxing barefoot.

Square string rug next to the sofa in the living room with a geometric print.

Square string rug with geometric print.

Square rug with stripes made of string brings color to the room and goes very well with the Eames armchair.

Square rug with stripes made of string

String rug with geometric motif, perfect for modern environments.

String rug with geometric motif.

Even made of string, the rug can bring different colors and prints, here the bet was to use stripes and triangles in different tones.

String rug with stripes and triangles

Black and white never goes out of style, so it was the right bet to print this string rug.

Black and white string mat.

The rectangular string rug is one of the most common for the living room, and with a beautiful print like this, it’s impossible not to love!

The rectangular geometric pattern string rug

Rectangular string mat

In the bedroom, the rectangular-shaped string rugs are great for placing on the side of the bed and to avoid direct contact of hot feet with the floor, as soon as you wake up, avoiding the cold as soon as you wake up.

In addition to the comfort when going down, the string rugs also ensure that your feet are always clean when you climb into bed to go to bed, so the clean sheets are grateful!

String rug in rectangular shape with colorful details next to the single bed.

String rug in colored rectangular shape

Raw string mat in rectangular shape with black stripes.

Striped string mat in black and white.

Another example of a striped rug that looked great beside the bed, see that the choice of yellow brightened the relaxing environment.

String rug striped with grey, yellow and white.

Here the geometric motif in baby blue and yolk yellow steals the scene from the master bedroom. The string rug can be dyed or made with colored threads.

String mat baby blue and yolk yellow and raw.

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The string rug is also welcome in baby rooms, ideal for when the little ones crawl or absorb the impact of the first few steps and avoid injuries.

String rug perfect for baby rooms.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this string rug made in five different shades. The unusual diagonal stripes are a charm apart from the rectangular rug model.

Carpet in super-colored string.

Round string mat

Another widely used model of string rug, as well as rectangular and square models, and sought after by those who like handcrafted and made-to-measure work is the round string rug.

The item is a wildcard in decoration and can be used in different environments, even those that are very small. Therefore, what will determine the best space is the size and color that are defined during the making of the model.

In summary, we brought some inspirations from different environments that show the versatility of the carpet model made with a round string, with different finishes and stitches.

The round rug made with string is featured in the living room. Made in raw yarn, the most suitable string for this model is number 6 or 8.

Unbleached string mat in round shape.

Round string rug, with hollow design. Perfect for environments of relaxation and well-being, such as this neutrally decorated living room.

Round rug with open edges.

Look how beautiful this rug made of round string with open and closed stitches, and with edges that look like flower petals. It brought a romantic look to the corner of the room.

Round string rug with neat edge.

Another example was the model used in the living room. Warm and versatile look for the receiving environment.

Round string rug for living room.

The circle-shaped string rug was the perfect choice for the Eames dining table with matching chair.

Unbleached string rug in circular shape.

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Inviting and cozy reading corner, with neutral tones and natural elements such as wood. It makes you want to stay there forever!

String rug in earthy tone.

The rug is also suitable for intimate environments, such as children’s and babies’ rooms. See how delicious the little resident’s reading corner is.

String mat with closed and open stitches.

Round rug with border made of light gray string. See how cool when we merge closed and open stitches.

Carpet in gray and ecru, made of string.

Another example of how the round shaped rug looks great in the children’s room. Here, the bet was to use two different shades, baby blue.

Round string mat in baby blue.

Grey, pink and white make up the decor in this charming children’s room. The rug was perfect beside the Montessori bed.

String rug in pink, light pink and gray.

Another example where the bedroom came to life with the round-shaped rug and was produced in three colors. Perfect space for children’s games.

String rug in three shades of pink.

This model is easy to make, in addition to the central round model, several small mats were placed on the edge, creating a cute design!

String rug in pink, bench and gray.

Oval string rug

Small, ideal for bathrooms, or large, made for dining and living rooms… So, no matter what you choose, the oval-shaped string rugs also have guaranteed space in interior decoration.

The stitch type also varies on the oval string rug. Therefore, it can be more closed or open. The thickness of the wire can also vary, depending on the environment that will be used and the size of the piece.

By the way, the kitchen also reserves space for the oval string rugs, especially the longer ones, which are great for use as a treadmill.

Colors also vary on this type of rug. Thus, it can be monochromatic or bring a miscellany of colors, creating different prints and patterns. So, check out some beautiful inspirations to help you decide the best model for your home.

Oval rug in pink and gray, was perfect to ensure thermal comfort next to the sofa with chaise.

String rug in oval shape in gray and pink.

Cute set with rug and toilet cover. Ideal for girls’ bathroom.

String rug for bathroom.

String rug with flower design, perfect model to be used in the entrance hall, as a doormat.

Oval rug made of raw string.

Breathtaking! Look at the work done on this rug. The well-executed weft brought the appearance of lace to the oval model

Lace style string rug.

The oval rug was made with open and closed stitches, creating a different design that mixes geometric and organic shapes.

Oval string rug.

Another example of a string mat kit for the bathroom.

String rug set for bathroom.

A set of rugs in the oval format, to exemplify how they look like a treadmill for the kitchen of this project.

Set of string kitchen rug.

How about innovating betting on two different sizes to compose your living room decor? This was the idea behind this environment, which features rugs made in an oval shape and details reminiscent of lace. It was beautiful!

Mat double made of string.

Carpets in other formats

There are other formats of string rugs that deviate from the conventional models already mentioned, such as oval, round, square and rectangular, but that conquer more and more space in the decoration of environments.

Hexagonal models, half-moon, playful shapes… Finally, we’ve put together some super charming options to decorate your entire house using the string rug without having to fall into the same old thing.

How about decorating your child’s room with a model of rug like this? In the shape of colored pencils, it makes the look super fun.

Pencil-shaped rug.

The hexagonal shape brings a modern look even to the baby’s room! Here the option was to use candy colors so that it would not overload the environment.

Carpet in hexagonal shape.

Another example of how the hexagon is super-hot in decoration. The string rug brought colors like white, yellow, burgundy and green.

String rug in different shades.

Several small circular rugs of different sizes and colors were used to compose a single piece of string rug.

Carpet composed of colored string discs.

Another example of a string rug composition made up of several circular rug units. A completely different look from the previous one, isn’t it?

String mat in navy blue.

String rug in the shape of a half moon, perfect for placing on the front door of the house, as a doormat.

String rug in the shape of a half moon.

The large animal-shaped string rug makes any room ready for the little ones to play.

String rug in the shape of an elephant.

A fluffy rug to decorate the baby’s room can be used in pink or blue, according to the child’s gender.

String mat in cloud shape.

Half-moon string rug, made to measure to access the outside area of ​​the house.

Carpet in the shape of a half moon.

Furthermore, how about betting on a star-shaped model? The model is perfect for children’s rooms.

String rug in star shape.

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