Succulent Terrarium: How to Make +80 Models to Get Inspired

The name may seem strange, but the terrarium ended up becoming a trend in decoration. A terrarium resembles a mini garden, cultivated in different container models and with different types of plants. It has a unique look, with a striking and personalized look, and that’s why it draws so much attention. And among the various models that exist on the market, it is the succulent’s terrarium that stands out for being one of the most sought after by people.

Remember that terrariums are recommended for those who do not have much time to grow plants, but want to have a little green at home and seek to complement their decor with a mini garden. And despite being able to be assembled with several species, succulents are widely used for being resistant, low maintenance and visually attractive. Therefore, the succulent’s terrarium is one of the favorites of Brazilians.

But do you know how to create a succulent terrarium? In this article, we’ll show you how to assemble and how to take care of this type of terrarium, even presenting you with several amazing models to inspire you during the assembly process.

How to make a succulent terrarium?

Setting up a succulent terrarium is very similar to setting up a conventional terrarium. However, with some additional tips, you will be able to create a much more beautiful and interesting mini succulent’s garden. Remember that, before starting, it is important that you choose one or more types of succulents to compose your mini garden and that you keep in mind the result you expect from this decoration, in order to position the elements in the right places. To find out how to make a succulent terrarium, check out the materials and the step-by-step instructions below.

Materials for making a succulent terrarium

  • 1 deep container, which can be clay, ceramic or glass;
  • Expanded clay, pebbles, gravel, broken tile or gravel for drainage;
  • 1 piece of geotextile blanket;
  • Substrate for growing succulents;
  • Succulent seedlings;
  • Pebbles, mosses, colored pebbles and miniature items to decorate the vase.

Step by step to make a succulent terrarium

  1. Clean the container in which the planting will take place;
  2. Add expanded clay, gravel, pebble or gravel to a height of 1 cm to create the drainage layer;
  3. Place the piece of geotextile blanket, which will absorb moisture and prevent decaying material from building up to the bottom of the container;
  4. Then place about 2 cm of substrate;
  5. Add a little water to moisten the soil and make holes, with the aid of a spoon, to add your seedlings;
  6. Place the seedling clods in the open holes so that the roots remain directed downwards;
  7. Afterwards, use the substrate to cover the region around the root, until the seedling is firmly in the ground;
  8. Use your creativity and decorate your terrarium with stones, crystals, miniature items or other material.

Image 1: Use your creativity to decorate your terrarium.

How to take care of a succulent terrarium?

You’ve already learned how to care for succulents, but caring for a terrarium is even easier. After all, succulents are resistant plants that accumulate water and have several strategies to grow in arid environments. However, as with any other type of pot, the succulent terrarium also needs to be exposed to direct light at least once a day and needs to be watered at least once a week.

Remember that, because they are containers without holes, the terrarium pot retains moisture for longer and, therefore, needs to be watered less often. Therefore, make sure the soil is damp before watering, as succulents do not like too much water. In the case of the closed terrarium, watering is carried out only if the environment is dry, as this type of terrarium simulates an ecosystem, so that the water droplets formed in the upper part of the pot return to the plants.

And don’t forget to remove fallen, dry or diseased leaves, so that other plants are not harmed and so as not to affect the terrarium’s appearance.

Image 2: You can use a container like this to add water just next to the plant.

How to care for succulents terrarium.

Types of succulents terrarium

Basically, there are two types of terrarium, open and closed. What varies is the functioning of each of these types, as well as the type of container needed for assembly. Learn more about each of them in the next topics.


The open terrarium receives this name because it is mounted in pots without a lid, as if it were an arrangement. Therefore, to make this type of terrarium, you can invest in various container formats, such as aquarium pots, bowls, cups, among other examples. Compared to the closed version, this type requires greater attention in relation to maintaining soil moisture, since it is open and, as a result, it loses moisture faster and needs a higher frequency of watering.

Image 3: The open terrarium in aquarium pots is one of the most popular options.

Open succulents terrarium.


The closed terrarium differs in that it is mounted in containers, usually glass, which are closed or have a lid or stopper. As we told you before, this type stands out for simulating an independent ecosystem, which allows the observation of the water cycle. Therefore, it is not necessary to water frequently, especially because the succulent does not like a very humid environment and the closed terrarium conserves water for a longer time.

Image 4: To create the closed terrarium, you can use a container with an opening.

Modern closed succulents terrarium.

+76 Terrarium of succulents for you to be inspired

To help you create your own mini garden, we have separated a selection of models, with different compositions and vase styles, to inspire you to customize your terrarium. Check out the examples below!

Image 5: This rounded glass vase makes your succulent terrarium more modern.

Terrarium of succulents in a round pot.

Image 6: You can apply similar decorations to different vases, creating a perfect ensemble to decorate your home.

Rounded succulents terrariums.

Image 7: This geometric shaped glass vase can be an excellent shelter for plants and a great decorative item.

Terrarium of succulents in geometric glass vase.

Image 8: Use different succulents in your terrarium.

Terrarium of succulents in the aquarium.

Image 9: Soil layers also draw attention to the pot’s composition.

Terrarium of succulents in an open aquarium.

Image 10: But you can also opt for a modern geometric vase model.

Terrarium of succulents in geometric and modern vase.

Image 11: You can still invest in the decorative details of your terrarium. In this case, for example, this miniature table and chair were used.

Terrarium of succulents with decorative table.

Image 12: Also, you can invest in stones and pebbles to make the vase more beautiful.

Terrarium of succulents with black river stones.

Image 13: However, you can also add some cacti in the composition.

Open succulents terrarium with cactuses.

Image 14: This example shows that you can also cover the surface of plants, leaving no room for ornaments. The result is also beautiful!

Large open succulents terrarium.

Image 15: However, you can also invest in colored stones to make your succulent terrarium more fun.

Terrarium of succulents with yellow stone.

Image 16: Use colored succulents to make your vase even more beautiful.

Terrarium of colored succulents.

Image 17: Also, invest in colored pebbles to make the soil layers well marked.

Open succulents terrarium with cactus.

Image 18: You can also use a large, open glass vase to accommodate your plants.

Open succulents terrarium with river stones.

Image 19: But you can assemble your succulents terrarium in pots of different sizes.

Terrarium of succulents of different size.

Image 20: This giant glass vase ended up being used as a side table.

Large square succulents terrarium.

Image 21: However, you can also use a mini open garden full of succulents of all kinds.

Open succulents terrarium with clay pot.

Image 22: It is possible to create a terrarium of succulents using even a shell.

Terrarium of succulents in the shell;

Image 23: However, you can also invest in a conventional and large glass pot to grow your plants.

Terrarium of succulents in the glass vase.

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Image 24: You can still create a succulent terrarium using a laboratory glass.

Terrarium of succulents in laboratory glass.

Image 25: See how the stones and pieces of tree contribute to the decoration of this succulent terrarium.

Open succulents terrarium with stones.

Image 26: In addition to succulents, you can also add other plants to the pot.

Terrarium of succulents and other plants.

Image 27: You can still create a terrarium suspended from succulents.

Terrarium of succulents in suspended glass vase.

Image 28: It is possible to decorate the same type of vase in different ways.

Terrarium of succulents in aquarium glass with cactuses.

Image 29: Also, you can use white stones to draw attention in this model.

Terrarium of succulents with open vase and white stones.

Image 30: However, if you prefer a more delicate decoration, you can invest in mini vases, such as cups.

Mini succulents terrarium in the cup.

Image 31: In addition, you can also use colored cups as a container for your terrarium.

Terrarium of succulents in the cup.

Image 32: This model was decorated to resemble the look of a mini forest.

Terrarium of succulents and large cacti.

Image 33: But you can also only plant low plants in your pot.

Terrarium of succulents with clay pot.

Image 34: In addition, you can use a different glass vase to make your succulent terrarium more personalized.

Succulent terrarium with modern open glass.

Image 35: However, the aquarium-shaped glass vase also has its charm.

Small succulents terrarium.

Image 36: Black stones and sponges stand out in this composition.

Terrarium of succulents with stones and sponge.

Image 37: However, you can also use a modern fruit bowl as a container.

Terrarium of succulents in modern pot.

Image 38: Plant diversity enriches the look of this model.

Succulent terrarium suspended with cactuses.

Image 39: But the contrast between the color of the plants and the white pebbles creates an amazing look.

Terrarium of succulents with modern container.

Image 40: Mini cacti are perfect for decorating small vases.

Terrarium of succulents with animal decoration.

Image 41: Also, you can use a square glass container to create your terrarium.

Terrarium of succulents in square glass vase with cactus.

Image 42: Another example of how the diversity of species can make your vase look more attractive.

Terrarium of succulents in black pot.

Image 43: In this vase, cacti were also used in the decoration.

Terrarium of succulents with cactuses.

Image 44: But you can also use a geometric glass container to carry out planting.

Terrarium of succulents in pyramid-shaped geometric vase.

Image 45: In this example, the variety of plants and layers makes the result more beautiful and elegant.

Terrarium of succulents with different species.

Image 46: However, you can also adopt a simpler decoration.

Terrarium of succulents with white pebbles.

Image 47 : This glass teapot was used to create an enclosed succulent terrarium.

Terrarium of succulents in the glass kettle.

Image 48: But you can also use a cement vessel.

Terrarium of succulents with cement pot.

Image 49: The diversity of succulents attracts attention in this vase.

Large succulents terrarium with different species.

Image 50: However, you can also create suspended mini terrariums with these plants.

Succulent terrarium suspended.

Image 51: Bet on the diversity of species and the stones and small trunks to decorate your vase.

Open glass plant pot.

Image 52: Also, you can choose a species as the protagonist and create the composition around it.

Elegant and beautiful plant arrangement.

Image 53: But you can also create a vase using a single species and investing in ornaments.

Arrangement decorated with tree branch.

Image 54: And you can even play with the decor and create a real garden for your little country house.

Open clay vase with white stone and house decoration.

Image 55: However, you can also add mosses and cactuses to your decoration.

Open glass vase with various plants.

Image 56: See how the wooden vase and the pink stones made this terrarium more delicate and charming.

Open wooden vase with rose pebbles.

Image 57: However, you can also adopt a simpler decoration, in which the plants stand out.

Modern glass open vase.

Image 58: But it is also possible to invest in a cement vase and black river stones to make your composition more modern and attractive.

Cement pot with black stones and plants.

Image 59: And you can even use a white ceramic vase, which will also make the look more modern and elegant.

Ceramic vase with colorful plants.

Image 60: Have you ever imagined making your terrarium of succulents in your glass mug? It is possible!

Glass mug with plants.

Image 61: However, you can also use modern, wood-based pots to grow your plants.

Glass vase with wooden support.

Image 62: Also, you can use different succulents to create a simpler composition.

Open glass vase with small plants.

Image 63: But you can also create a decoration with just one plant and invest in ornaments.

Decorated wooden vase.

Image 64: However, you can also use glass cups as containers for your mini vases.

Plants in glass container.

Image 65: Another example of beautiful and creative decor to inspire you.

Open glass vase decorated with stones, cactuses and ceramic house.

Image 66: And you can even create a terrarium in the cup.

Terrarium in cup.

Image 67: These square glass vases make the look more modern.

Square glass vase with plants.

Image 68: However, you can also adopt mini geometric vases to create your succulent’s terrarium.

Geometric vase with golden finish.

Image 69: But you can also opt for rounded and small vases.

Small pots with plants.

Image 70: This vase was used as a centerpiece.

Open pot with plants and pebbles.

Image 71: And you can even use these vases to decorate your dining table.

Small glass arrangement for center table.

Image 72: Also, you can create a suspended terrarium.

Suspended glass vase with plants.

Image 73: These drop-shaped vases are very charming.

Small glass vases.

Image 74: You can use several suspended terrariums in the same space.

Suspended glass vases with plants.

Image 75: The shell decoration and the different vase model created a look full of personality.

Glass vase with plants and rope.

Image 76: Use your vase to decorate your side table.

Simple glass vases with plants.

Image 77: You can invest in the juicy donkey’s tail to create this unusual look.

Glass vase with donkey's tail.

Image 78: Also, you can use crystals in your ornamentation.

Ceramic vase decorated with plants and crystals.

Image 79: Colorful succulents transform the look of your terrarium.

Ceramic vase with stones and succulents.

Image 80: And remember that you can use pot models to create this mini garden.

Open glass vases with plants.

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