Teenager Room: +95 Original Ideas and Projects

When decorating a teenager’s room, first think about the basic elements: the bed area, the closets and a study desk. After ensuring a functional and interesting layout, the style of the decoration enters, with the decision of colors and objects that interest the teenager’s personal tastes.

Usually at this stage of life, more vibrant colors, drawings, games, movies and series and trends on the internet are what make teenagers’ minds and that’s why they want a funnier, more fun room, after all, it’s the space private ones in the house, so, before choosing accessories, colors and decorative objects, involve the teenager in the project so that they can give their opinion.

The styles can be the most varied, so we’ve separated some teen bedroom design ideas, which you can see below.

Teen Room Decor

Decorating a room for teenagers requires understanding some needs: will there be a study bench? Will the room be shared between siblings? How old are the occupants? Will there be a wardrobe or a dresser?

Ideally, the carpentry project can keep up with the occupant’s growth over the years, so choose to invest in more sober colors and functional and personalized solutions.

Image 1: With contrasting colors, this room highlights the wall with a bookcase and study area, the perfect place for the teenager’s decorative objects.

orange teenager room

Picture 2: In this double room, the decoration is mirrored but it still has a personalized touch for each teenager. Black and white is neutral, but it’s a combination that never fails.

teen bedroom for two

Image 3: For a romantic style, the voil curtain and the lights that surround the bed give a feminine touch to the environment without leaving everything too childish.

teen girl's bedroom

Image 4: Black, white and yellow bring personality to every corner of this small room for teenagers. The joinery project created space for studies and the planned wardrobe.

yellow and black teen bedroom

Image 5: The wall painted with chalkboard paint becomes a space for taking notes, drawing, leaving messages and expressing yourself in this teenager’s room.

teenage bedroom with blackboard wall

Image 6: For an industrial style decoration, this room uses burnt cement on the wall and a panel made with small bricks on the headboard.

rustic teen bedroom

Image 7: In the image below, the inspiration for the bedroom decor was the aesthetics of the teenager’s favorite movies and comics. The metal chest of drawers brings personality.

blue and gray teen bedroom

Image 8: Full of color, this teenage girl’s bedroom design comes alive with a white background and mixes of geometric and organic patterns on the walls, bedding and rugs.

colorful teen bedroom with wallpaper

Image 9: For football lovers, this room is inspired by the elements of sport to create this environment with a more neutral footprint, but full of charm.

fourth teenager football

Image 10: Contemporary inspired project, making a composition with yellow, red and gray, the result is a feminine environment without being childish.

pink and yellow teen bedroom

Image 11: Another layout option for a double bedroom for teenagers is this one in L, which featured a project of planned beds with several niches to store objects.

teen bedroom for two boys

Image 12: For small rooms, using a mirror that covers the entire wall is a way to expand the space. In this environment, the mirror was inserted right above the desk, which can also be transformed into a dressing table.

teen bedroom for girl

Image 13: For basketball lovers, the orange of the game ball cannot be missing from the room’s details, nor the iconic baskets on the wall.

teen bedroom gray and orange basketball

Image 14: In a more rustic style, the main feature of this room is the bed, which is supported on the ceiling by ropes, instead of having conventional support feet.

teenager's room with suspended bed

Image 15: In contrast, in this super contemporary and colorful room, it’s the suspended acrylic nest-style armchair that stands out.

teen girl room with swing

Image 16: This teenager’s double bedroom project has wooden headboards and a contrast between blue and orange in the decoration. Neutral base allows for quick changes in decor.

blue and beige teen bedroom

Image 17: In this beautiful neutral project, what brings all the personality to the environment are the decorative elements, such as pictures, wall decorations, bedding, pillows and stuffed animals.

tumbrl teenager room

Image 18: The floral wallpaper is combined with the color of the bedroom furniture, making a harmonious and discreet composition.

teen female bedroom

Image 19: With special space for musical instruments, this room gets its finishing touch on posters of favorite artists for that extra touch of inspiration.

teen room with balcony

Image 20: Another idea of ​​a teenager’s bedroom with suspended beds, this time with a geometric carpet to make the environment more cozy and cool.

teen bedroom with suspended bed for two

Image 21: Another example of a bedroom for teenagers inspired by the universe of sports. Here, what makes the decor unique is the highlight on the framed shirts hanging on the main wall.

men's basketball room

Image 22: Feminine project, the furniture is the highlight. The bed is designed together with the dresser, arranged in the center of the room and forming two different environments.

teenage girl bedroom

Image 23: In this other double bedroom project, minimalism is the biggest inspiration, making black, white and gray the protagonists of the decoration.

neutral teen bedroom for two

Image 24: The metal and wood shelves beside the bed highlight the collection of objects dedicated to teenagers’ sports.

fourth teen sport

Image 25: Perfect for teenage skaters, this room has a graffiti mural and a TV area that resembles a skateboard ramp.

graffiti teenager bedroom

Image 26: For a more spacious environment, this room took advantage of the high ceilings to create a mezzanine that accommodates the battery.

teen bedroom with battery

Image 27: The highlight of this room is the colorful wallpaper that helps to highlight the neutral base of the walls and matches the woodworking design.

yellow graffiti teen bedroom

Image 28: This room makes a composition of vibrant colors and patterns for a super clean and modern teenager’s bedroom.

colorful girl teen bedroom

Image 29: In this project, the idea was to compose several sections to explore the different interests and hobbies of teenagers, such as airplanes, games and musical instruments.

modern teen gamer bedroom

Image 30: With a more vintage feel, this project uses different fabric patterns and a small canopy behind the bed to create a romantic atmosphere.

romantic teen bedroom

Image 31: Lime green is highlighted in this room with a coffee brown background, creating a modern, young and discreet environment.

black shelves with green accents

Image 32: The simple style of the furniture and decoration is broken by the illuminated star on the wall and the large blue and white fiber rug.

modern star lamp

Image 33: The pink of the curtains and decorative elements brings more delicacy and lightness to the decor of this modern room for teenagers.

green and white wallpaper

Image 34: Rustic and neutral base, this room designed for two teenagers gained charm with the industrial sconces and striped bed linen.

environment for two teenagers

Image 35: Young and modern, the wallpaper, the bed pillows and the decorations inspired by the characters from Marvel Comics are all the highlight of this room.

avengers boy room

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Picture 36: Green and light pink make the decoration of this room transform into a fairy tale setting. The hollow divider behind the bed helps to divide the room to create a study space.

environment for two girls pink and green

Small teenage bedroom

Small rooms are second to none when it comes to style. With some innovative and functional solutions, we can create welcoming environments that meet all teenagers’ needs.

The big secret for small rooms is planning and choosing the layout, so don’t miss the help of a professional or even a good cabinetmaker to help you optimize spaces and create solutions. Check out some ideas for small teenagers’ rooms below.

Picture 37: Small room for teenager with Tumbrel style burnt cement wall.

gray girl teen bedroom

Image 38: A simple and creative solution for decorating small rooms is the use of suspended beds. In this case, the bottom part becomes a rest space with a sofa.

teen bedroom blue and black

Picture 39: Some bed models have niches for storing objects or decorations, like the one in this room, this helps to optimize the space.

teenage room with small burnt cement

Image 40: Very compact, this environment had a good carpentry project to create shelves, desk and illuminated niches.

small pink teenage room

Image 41: Simple teenage bedroom design, the wall has been given a detail and more with a special sticker for game fans.

fourth teen gamer

Picture 42: Small single bedroom in navy blue, red and white. Note that there is a lot of natural light in this room, so the dark color of the wall is not so heavy.

teen bedroom small boy

Image 43: With a neutral base, this room bet on the wallpaper on the ceiling wheel and discreet moldings to compose the decoration of this environment.

gray teenager room

Image 44: Bedroom design with joinery planned to optimize all spaces, the white base allows the decoration to change over time only with the exchange of objects and bedding.

teen bedroom small boy

Image 45: The vibrant shade of yellow and the wallpaper located at the back of the desk make the environment more relaxed and fun.

yellow and gray teen bedroom

Image 46: Project for those who don’t want to invest too much in decoration, the neutral base received stickers and black frames, the touch of color comes from the fabrics.

small teen room tumbrl

Picture 47: In this small room, full of decorative elements, the entire wall in mirrors makes the room look more spacious and pleasant.

gray and orange teen bedroom

Image 48: Modern, this room created a large bunk, with niches and lighting, Royal blue and lime green highlight the neutral base colors.

teen bedroom with bunk bed

Image 49: The combination of gray and yellow is already a classic, in this room, the carpentry project created an environment for studies and for the TV, the black stickers highlight the colored wall.

yellow and blue teen bedroom

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Image 50: The L arrangement of these two beds helps to open up central space in the bedroom. The bet on different fabric textures brings the idea of ​​comfort and coziness to the environment.

teen bedroom girl pink and gray

Image 51: The wall decoration with the indicative signs, the photographic panel and the niches bring the whole universe of motorcycles to this simple and small room.

small male bedroom

Image 52: Shelves and hooks are great resources for those who have little space to display decorative objects and collectibles, in this room, the highlight is the avocado green walls.

green wall with shelves

Image 53: The choice of neutral and sober colors highlights the creative and musical decoration of the paintings and pillows displayed in this room.

woodworking bed design

Image 54: With a small room, this project bets on creative solutions to take advantage of the space and decorate the environment with the Star Wars theme.

environment with photographic panel

Image 55: With a dropped ceiling and a carpentry project that created space for studies, TV and storage, this room was modern and functional.

small room planned

Picture 56: Small teenager’s bedroom with black and white chevron pattern wallpaper. With this type of pattern, it is important to keep furniture and the rest of the decoration more neutral.

small teenage bedroom planned

Image 57: Neutral but not without personality, this room manages to unite earthy and pastel tones in a comfortable and cozy decor.

small bedroom designed for teenager

Image 58: The bunk project received lighting and a bookcase, while the lower part became an area for rest and recreation.

black bunk

Image 59: Another suspended bed model with space for studies underneath, this can be the ideal solution for those who have little space and a taller direct foot.

bedroom with bunk bed and desk

Image 59: In this planned room, the option was for neutral and sober colors, the desk wall got a light gray paneling and the bed got colored points with the pillows.

gray wall with desk

Image 60: Decoration focused on a wall is only a decoration strategy for small rooms. In this other project aimed at sports fans, the bed wall is covered with baseballs.

bed rail

Image 61: Simple teenager’s bedroom inspired by tumbler aesthetics. Note that composition of only two colors allows a greater amount of decorative objects without loading the environment.

classic wood desk

Image 62: The lowered ceiling with side light rips makes the environment modern and sophisticated, the yellow bookcase brings youthfulness and highlights the gray wall.

yellow shelves with lighting

Image 63: A medium gray tone was chosen to predominate in this environment and to highlight the abstract wallpaper, the bed and the desk received a large linen-covered panel.

bedroom with gray wallpaper

Image 64: In a mix of modern and Provencal decor, this room combines the functionality of space, sophistication and comfort.

teenage girl bedroom

Image 65: Pink was the starting point of this project, feminine and delicate, the desk and shelves accommodate all of the young resident’s belongings.

planned desk

Image 66: Reduced size room, neutral decor has focused lighting not only on the bedside lamp but also below the desk shelves.

transparent office chair

Image 67: Female, this room chose a flashy wallpaper, but with a white background so as not to burden the environment.

Female room

Image 68: This room chose to privilege the study area and TV, note that there is no wardrobe in this room. Side shelves help to accommodate books and study notebooks.

fourth yellow and black

Image 69: The highlight of this environment is the modern design on the wall. White woodwork optimized the space and the lowered ceiling created points of light to highlight the decor.

modern graffiti wall

Image 70: The highlight of this room is the black ceiling and the joinery project that favored the view from the window and created an area for studies, and a closet under the suspended bed.

small room planned

25 Teen Room Photos

Creating and decorating an environment for teenagers can be a bit challenging, after all, at this stage, tastes are transitory and what is successful today, tomorrow does not arouse the slightest interest in young people. But regardless of choosing a motif, theme, color or style, the main thing is to think about functionality.

The needs for storage, comfort and areas for study, TV, rest and leisure need to be thought about and planned. We’ve selected more ideas from teenage rooms decorated in the most diverse styles, layouts and spaces for you to be inspired.

Image 71: Composition of shades of pink in this contemporary and sophisticated room for teenager. The charm of this room is due to the neon lamp and the light pink wood panels.

room for teenage girl

Image 72: With a modern and futuristic feel, this room dared in vibrant colors and chose pink as the main color, note that this is only possible because the base of the room is neutral and allows a quick change of style with the exchange of objects.

pink modern teen bedroom

Image 73: Discreet and elegant, this room has chosen iron beds and fabrics that complete the neutral color palette. The highlight goes to the prints.

environment for neutral teen

Image 74: Showing the sophistication of white and off-white tones, this room with two beds also relies on elements of classic decor with high headboards and double dresser.

female room for two girls

Image 75: Superheroes get their own scenario on the panel of this colorful and fun room, the curtain was made to order to accompany the stripes on the wall.

environment for boy captain america

Image 76: With a double height ceiling, this industrial-style room uses the iron structure to create a mezzanine for the study area.

modern bedroom for rustic teenager

Image 77: In this large room, musical instruments each gain their own space. The lighting project divides the environments.

red wall with recessed ceiling

Image 78: The blue tiffany has already become a darling of female rooms here he appears to compose with gray and pink, leaving the romantic atmosphere without being too childish.

tiffany blue girl's bedroom

Image 79: In this contemporary project, in addition to the brick wall, we can highlight the pendant lighting that is divided into two sections on the ceiling.

brick wall apparent

Image 80: On the other hand, in this project, it is natural lighting that is privileged, especially by the use of candy shades. The large window received a roller blind to control the light.

colorful environment for girl

Image 81: In this other room with a romantic style, turquoise blue and light pink are highlighted on the white background, the molded ceiling makes the environment more vintage.

pink and blue female bedroom

Image 82: With a neutral palette, this room chose to privilege joinery, the white and beige highlight the dark wooden floor.

bedroom with beige wall

Image 83: In this design in navy blue, red and white, the inspiration is American football.

dark blue wall

Image 84: Teen bedroom with neutral decor in white and gray. For those who prefer a cleaner and simpler environment, keeping the color palette neutral is always an option.

simple room for teenager

Image 85: Teen bedroom design in light gray with yellow decorative elements. The wooden moldings on the wall bring personality to the room.

gray wall with wood panel

Image 86: Have you ever thought of combining the same print in different colors? This is the proposal of this room, which used the same pattern in the wallpaper and bed linen.

beige geometric wallpaper

Picture 87: In a nautical climate, this room with two beds uses navy blue and white stripes to contrast with the orange on the wall. .

blue and orange wall

Image 88: Modern, this basketball-themed room had store displays for sneakers and balls and a bluish gray neutral base for decor. .

basketball theme room

Image 89: Modern, this room brings urban elements, such as the brick, the LED lamps, the panel behind the bed and the colorful rug.

big room

Image 90: Large teenager’s bedroom in white, blue and pink. In this project, the television panel helps to divide the environments. The highlight of this project is the plaster work done on the ceiling.

wooden tv panel

Image 91: The wallpaper brought joy to the neutral base environment and white woodwork, the lighted niches and the decorative objects bring personality.

room with planned joinery

Image 92: To inspire music lovers, this room features bench wall stickers and sheet music curtains.

rock band wall sticker

Picture 93: Room fully planned, the wooden panel is inserted into the bed wall and even part of the ceiling, with recessed lighting.

gray room

Image 94: Lighting is also highlighted in this room, with a central lamp that splits into several lamps across the ceiling.

planned room

Image 95: The gray base of this environment stands out with details and objects in red and blue, the large wooden panel accommodates TV and objects.

big room


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