Tree of Happiness: Meaning, How to Care and 40+ Role Models to Inspire

The tree of happiness is much sought after by landscape professionals, architects and designers. It is a beautiful, symbolic plant, easy to grow and adapts very well to indoor environments. It cannot be exposed directly to the sun, but it needs a lot of light.

In various regions such as Japan it flourishes, but here in Brazil it has not adapted to flourish. However, that doesn’t make it a plant that doesn’t attract attention.

There is the male tree, which has its darker leaves, thicker and more robust, and the female, which has a lighter, more delicate and thin hue. It is widely used due to its ease of care. However, its meaning is its beauty.

Image 01: The tree of happiness is ideal to decorate small corners of the room, it asks for a little space so nothing too small.

tree of happiness in the vase

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What is the tree of happiness?

Known as the tree of happiness, however, it is a shrub widely used as an ornamental plant due to its beauty and its ease of care. A story that surrounds the plant is that for the plant to live up to the name tree of happiness it has to be received as a gift.

Image 02: It behaves very well in neutral environments and conviviality with the living rooms. A corner in the dining room, even in the bedroom or office.

tree of happiness small

Image 03: However, they adapt very well to the external environment as long as they don’t get too much sun and cold. Its use goes well in house entrances more neutral to dark foliage and for decorated entrances to lighter foliage.

tree of happiness at the entrance

Meaning of the tree of happiness

The Tree of Happiness is known for bringing happiness, love, harmony and prosperity home. Its meaning is very beautiful and everyone who knows it is interested in having a plant like this at home. But the older ones say that to bring these benefits it has to be earned as a gift.

Image 04: The reports that she improves the environment she is in, bringing peace, harmony and happiness in the environment.

leaves of the tree of happiness

Image 05: Many believe in the power that your name carries happiness, if well cared for it brings an air of peace to the environment.

tree of happiness to buy


Its characteristics are very simple to identify, being the males with darker shades and robust leaves and the females with lighter shades and more delicate leaves.

There is also a difference in the stems, the females have a thinner and more fragile stem and the male is thicker and stronger.

Image 06: It looks great in vases, and in the case of males with darker green tones that combine better with more decorated and darker environment.

tree of happiness as decoration

Image 07: In the corner of the room next to the sofa, there is so much charm to the space. Environments more decorated in a dark way, this plant in a light pot gives a break in the climate, not bringing such a dark environment.

tree of happiness beside the sofa

Learn to care for your tree of happiness

It is a plant that does not require much care, nor much knowledge to keep them healthy. Watering has to be two to three times a week of approximately 200 ml per watering, she does not like very humid environments but they need moist soils, not waterlogged.

Image 08: A beautiful vase with space for it to grow and decorations to increase its charm does not go bad either for the health of the tree, white stones give a nice contrast to the decoration.

tree in the pot

Image 09: Your watering should be two to three times a week with approximately 200ml of water, but you cannot leave the soil soaked and neither the plant get the sun while it is wet.

learn to water the tree of happiness

Image 10: Watering correctly will make your plant show good health and happiness, leaving it prettier and more charming.

small plant in the pot

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Image 11: In its initial stage of growth it is a good choice for table decoration, care for the vase and stones and you will see an incredible result even if it is small, do not use small vases so as not to harm the plant’s root.

tree of happiness as an ornament

Image 12: As your growth has to make room for it, when changing vase change the decor so your room will always have a different face, its growth is slow so you don’t need to wait to change vase to change decor.

room decoration

Ideas and Inspirations with Trees of Happiness

For a lot of ideas to use in decorating trees of happiness, it works great in a variety of environments.

Image 13: In the room with a neutral space, the tree with a lighter tone fits very well, especially in the environment where it receives more light.

tree of clear happiness

Image 14: However, a form also widely used to decorate spaces is two trees, a male and a female in the same vase, ideal for environments with mixed decoration.

tree of male and female happiness

Image 15: This species fits very well in the vicinity of windows, coffee tables or nightstands as long as it is in a light environment, it has adapted well to the place.

tree of happiness

Image 16: It’s a nice gift option, legend has it that to achieve the effect of happiness this plant must be a gift, and what a nice gift you agree?

tree as a gift

Image 17: Different stones and vases help a lot in the decoration and it is a good option when you want to change the decoration of the place, without spending a lot to change the environment.

custom vases

Image 18: It can get very big up to three meters in height, if the location chosen for the tree is small remember to always prune it so it doesn’t take up too much space.

medium tree indoors

Image 19: It looks great in larger pots in the corner of the wall that gets a lot of natural light.

tree of happiness

Image 20: They take a long time to grow so don’t hesitate to put it in cute little pots to add to the charm of the local plant.

put sprouts in small pots

Image 21: In places of social interaction such as living room and garden table, it brings an atmosphere of peace and harmony to the corner.

make compositions

Image 22: More neutral places are very bright, enhances all the beauty of the tree even more if it has a vase that gives a contrast with the rest of the decoration.

make compositions with other plants in the environment

Tree of happiness as an interior decoration

Image 23: However, white vases in a neutral environment also don’t detract from the plant’s charm, it goes very well for minimalist decoration.

use vases in the corners

Image 24: Next to a balcony with a beautiful curtain is excellent for decoration of apartments and living room.

vase near the balcony

Image 25: The brighter the light, the prettier your tree will look. Then use decorations around the plant to improve the environment.

vase near the door

Image 26: This tree is very good for drawing attention to you so if you have a simpler, more opaque decoration with nothing to attract attention, this tree is a good choice for the environment.

tree of happiness

Image 27: The simplest decoration with stones in a dark vase does nothing to detract from the beauty of the plant, on the contrary, it enhances the natural beauty of the plant and preserves the surrounding decorations.

trees on the balcony

Image 28: By taking up a little space, large pots serve to maintain the plant’s health and blend better in larger environments.

medium tree near the balcony

Image 29: Rustic decorations is also a good accompaniment to the design of the room. But remember: rustic decor is not messy decor, this type of decor requires more care than others out there.

pots to enhance the plant

Some more ideas for indoors

Image 30: Ideal for apartment balconies, this place is perfect for her. With plenty of light, its fresh air, using pots with the base of wheels is a good way to facilitate the movement as it is a heavy plant.

vase with wheels

Image 31: Merging the male and female in the same pot further enhances the natural beauty of the plant. In cases of light walls, it’s a good idea to bring a vase with an impressive appearance or color, further increasing its visibility.

modern pots with tree

Image 32: Light walls and dark decorations bring all the charm to the environment, in this model she brings all the attention to you.

tree as a decorative element

Image 33: And who said that apartments can’t have big plants? Having a tree of happiness in addition to bringing happiness to the environment will leave your apartment all different from the others, impacting those who visit.

naturalized room with tree

Image 34: All neutral decoration with an unusual vase can break the atmosphere of the place without taking its neutrality. It has a very beautiful shade of green to break neutrality without being too radical.

Low pots can also support the tree of happiness.

Image 35: And who said that big plants don’t go with fluffy pots? With this plant you don’t have that, it is very versatile and matches almost all existing spaces and vases. But take it easy, the vase has to match the environment.

mix the vegetation

Landscaping with Tree of Happiness

Much sought after by professionals in landscaping, architecture and designers. She has some more rustic, neutral and fluffy species.

As it is very versatile, it is a good choice. Since it is not necessary to have a fully defined project to insert it into the environment. But take it easy, if you’re in the mood to make some fancy decorations, then finish the project to see if the choice suits the environment.

Image 36: This species is very delicate. So it is ideal to place near the entrance of the house. For lighter entries, a tree with a darker green tone is a good choice.

tree of happiness in the garden

Image 37: It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a pot, it can be planted directly in the ground. But make sure you have enough space for it, as it grows larger and can reach up to 4.5 meters in height.

wooded garden with tree of happiness

Image 38: In garden social environments it’s a good way to use it whimsically. In the external decoration with colorful environments and wooden benches it is a good idea.

big tree of happiness

Image 39: This image depicts a female specimen. As it has the thinnest branches, it is necessary to place a wooden stake so that it does not end up falling under its weight. So, when making the mooring, be careful not to hang the plant.

tree leaves of happiness

Image 40: And this is a male specimen. It has thicker stems, so there’s not much need to do the cutting process. However, if it stays in environments that get a lot of wind, it’s a good idea to tie it to a stake because the weight of the tree can make it break.

male tree of happiness

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