Tumblr Room: +80 Decor Projects You Need to Know

Social media has been a source of inspiration for many people. People are already used to seeking information and tips on fashion, beauty, behavior, food, among other subjects, on these digital platforms. Therefore, social networks also influenced the dissemination of decor trends, including the famous bedroom tumblr.

The tumblr decor style was born as an inspiration for the digital platform with the same name: Tumblr. On this site, users share and receive photos, videos, quotes and images on topics of interest to them. It works similarly to Twitter, but with a greater focus on images.Like Twitter, Tumblr users also post full of personality, reflecting their personal life and style. Therefore, when it comes to decoration, you are faced with images of environments filled with numerous references to the interests of the resident, who seek to reflect their thoughts and preferences in their room.

In addition, as it is a style of decoration based on what is shared on a social network, you will come across rooms that convey comfort, after all we are talking about environments decorated and used by real people, associated with beauty, which leaves them even easier to be photographed and shared on the internet.

And as this is a decor trend that is on the rise and has been attracting the attention of those interested in decor, we decided to share this article full of tips and design ideas for you to decorate your tumblr room.

Image 1: The tumblr room has a decor full of style and personality, as in the image below.

Tumblr bedroom with plant, phrase, wallpaper and gray upholstered headboard.

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How to decorate your tumblr room?

The tumblr decoration emphasizes the aesthetics, simplicity and personality of the environment. Therefore, to decorate your tumblr room it is important to know that you do not need an environment loaded with objects or one that is very luxurious. In fact, the decor should include elements that make reference to what you like and your needs, so that all of this creates a beautiful and aesthetically balanced decor.

That’s why personal objects, phrases, photos, paintings, plants, mirrors and panels are often seen in tumblr rooms. Also, part of this decoration can be done in the DIY style (Do it yourself), meaning you can create your own decorative objects at home. But what you can’t do alone, you can buy with little. After all, the simple look is very popular in the tumblr room.

So, to help you come up with decor ideas to use in your room, in the next topics we’ll introduce you to the elements that deserve your attention and that should be valued to follow this decorating trend.

Image 2: Tumblr-style decor can be in neutral colors, but it doesn’t have to be bland. So, even if the color palette is black and white, your room can look very nice and inviting.

Minimalist tumblr room with black and white decor.

Choose your color palette

As in other decorating styles, one of the first elements that must be chosen in the tumblr room is the color palette, which will influence the selection of other objects and furniture in the room. As the tumblr style is loaded with personal references, you can choose your decor colors so that they match the objects you want to have in your room.

But you can also adapt the choice of these objects from the color chart you choose. The important thing to remember is that one of the characteristics of tumblr decor is simplicity, which doesn’t mean that you need to create a dull or colorless environment. So get creative!

As we know that there are people who prefer neutral colors, while others like a more colorful and flashy decor or with dark colors, we have separated tumblr rooms decorated with both types of color palettes to inspire you.

Neutral and light colors

Neutral colors and pastel shades such as white, grey, nude and light pink are often used in tumblr decor. These colors are easy to be combined, don’t load the environment and even combine with various decorative elements, as you can see in the images below.

Image 3: Another example of a tumblr bedroom that uses black and white decor. But also note that white brick wallpaper, a modern lamp and geometric print bedding were used to decorate the room.

Black and white decor.

Image 4: Another well decorated environment that uses a light color palette. However, realize that the objects you choose to compose the environment make the room more cozy, even using neutral colors.

Tumblr decor with neutral colors.

Image 5: But you can also add some color to your tumblr room by using frames and decorative objects like these hats.

Tumblr room with simple decor.

Image 6: Another way to add dots of color to your feminine tumblr bedroom is through the use of pillows, rugs and plants.

Tumblr room with plants and wood.

Image 7: But tumblr room decor can also be almost completely white.

Ambience with simple decor in neutral colors.

Image 8: Another way to add some color to your room is to use a modern and simple bedding.

Room with white, pink and black decor.

Image 9: In this case, the color palette with gray, white and pink transformed the decor of this feminine tumblr room.

Rose gold pendant in neutral tones.

Image 10: However, although pink is quite common, you can also use earthy tones like mustard in your tumblr bedroom decor.

Tumblr room with neutral and earthy tones.

Image 11: In this environment, nude tones are also used in the decoration. And see how the modern white light fixtures transformed this environment.

Tumblr and minimalist room.

Image 12: Another example of a modern white light fixture that provides a modern touch to this feminine tumblr room. See also how the gray knitted bed linen makes the environment more charming.

Double bed with knitted bedspread and cozy decor.

Image 13: In this environment, the combination of gray, white and black also creates a comfortable environment. However, note that strong colors are only used in the details and do not fill the room.

Decor with geometric print pillows.

Flashy or dark colors

But you can also use bright, flashy or dark colors like black in your decor. The important thing is to be able to combine all the elements in order to create a warm and comfortable environment, without overloading the room. Also, remember to prefer the use of furniture in light or neutral colors and use the colors in other objects, as shown in the examples below:

Image 14: See how tumblr bedroom decor can be charming with the use of gray and aged wood.

Gray tumblr room.

Image 15: But you can also use dark gray as the main ambient color. Using the right elements, the result can be amazing!

Decor with gray wall and pink pillows.

Image 16: You can also use the gray color through the burnt cement finish, which is applied to the walls.

Decorated with burnt cement wall.

Image 17: Using dark bedding can also be a simple and inexpensive way to change your bedroom decor. Note that, in this case, a touch of blue was added through the nightstand.

Double bed with gray upholstered headboard and black linens.

Image 18: In this tumblr room, the decoration in black is highlighted, especially on the headboard.

Double bed with black wooden headboard.

Image 19: But you can also assemble a young and modern decor using lots of wooden elements. Furthermore, in this room, the color images also make a difference.

Tumblr room with wooden pallet.

Image 20: In this room, in addition to the gray on the wall, the upholstered green headboard also draws attention.

Tumblr room with white brick wall and green upholstered headboard.

Tumblr bedroom wallpaper

Using wallpaper or stickers is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance your tumblr room decor. Geometric prints are widely used in this style of decoration. However, you can also use wallpaper that mimics the effect of exposed bricks or burnt cement, alternatives that can completely change the look of the room.

Just be careful not to overdo the decoration, using too many decorative objects along with a patterned wallpaper, so as not to create an environment with too much information.

If you’re curious to know what a tumblr room with wallpaper looks like, then check out this selection of rooms with tumblr decor that use wallpaper as a decorative element.

Image 21: In this feminine tumblr room, geometric decoration is present in the wallpaper and bedding.

Tumblr room with geometric wallpaper.

Image 22: Another room where geometric decoration is present both on the wall and on the bed linen.

Decorated with geometric wallpaper.

Image 23: As in the previous images, the geometric decoration can also be seen on the bed linen in this room. However, here you also see the use of the dot pattern on the wall.

Decorated with dot wallpaper.

Image 24: Another room with dot decoration, only this time the marbles are golden.

Tumblr room with golden dot wallpaper.

Image 25: In this environment, the white brick wallpaper is also responsible for changing the room’s aesthetics.

White brick wallpaper.

Image 26: Another example of a room that uses white brick wallpaper for decoration. But note that, in this case, geometric elements were also used in the pillows and rug. This combination can also be amazing!

Decorated with white brick wallpaper.

Image 27: Another female tumblr room in which the dot decoration modifies the environment. Also, remember that you don’t need a wallpaper to achieve this effect. You can simply paint the dots on the wall.

Tumblr room with black dot wallpaper.

Image 28: Another example of using dot decoration in the tumblr room.

Tumblr room with dot decor.

Image 29: But if you are looking for something different, you can choose the gray brick wallpaper. The contrast between this color and the other objects in the room, which are white, gray and pink, promotes an incredible decoration!

Decorated with gray brick wallpaper.

Image 30: This tumblr room also uses a wallpaper with a different color, this time its mixed bricks. And the result of the decoration is beautiful!

Tumblr room with mixed brick wallpaper.

Tumblr room lighting

The lighting in the tumblr room should be aimed at providing the resident with a feeling of comfort and warmth. Therefore, lamps, spots and LED strips are widely used. In addition, you can find references that also use discreet chandeliers or lights embedded in plaster lining, which end up leaving the environment more charming and elegant.

A simple and cheap lighting alternative is the use of flashers and light strings, used with photos, pictures and even at the head of the bed. Due to the ease of installation and the luminous effect it causes in the environment, these are very common decoration features in tumblr rooms.

However, don’t forget to value natural light, which also has the power to beautify your decor during the day or in contrast to other decorative objects.

With that in mind, we separated several tumblr rooms and with some lighting object to inspire you to decorate your room.

Image 31: Traditional lampshades are always welcome in the decoration. However, this tumblr room, in addition to these lamps, also has a light cord on the headboard, which causes a beautiful luminous effect in the environment.

Double bed with upholstered black headboard, decorated with string of lights.

Image 32: In this room, LED spots were used in the plaster lining and stainless steel pendants suspended over the nightstands, which left a more modern environment.

Decor with a suspended stainless steel pendant.

Image 33: In this environment, the light cord works as a kind of headboard, but more modern.

Decoration with light string.

Image 34: In addition to the light cord decorating the pallet headboard, this room also has a modern light fixture in its decor.

Tumblr decoration with wooden pallet.

Image 35: You can also use a luminous sign to decorate your tumblr girl’s room.

Decorated with luminous sign.

Image 36: But if you are looking for something different for your room, you can use these wall lamps with cord, which make the environment more rustic.

Tumblr bedroom with rope lamp.

Image 37: The modern white lampshade draws attention in the decor of this tumblr room. In addition, the blinker in the wardrobe and the network of lights in the curtain, transform this environment into a cozier place.

Tumblr room with chandelier and flasher.

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Picture 38: Another room with a light cord on the headboard, a very used decoration in the tumblr room. In addition, this room also has wall lamps on the sides of the bed.

Tumblr decoration with blinker and lamp.

Image 39: In this room, two lamps were used. One is wall-mounted and has a modern design, while the other is table-top and has a futuristic design, imitating a globe. Using different types of lampshades can also modernize your decor.

Tumblr room with table lamp and wall pendant.

Image 40: But you can also use LED lights in your dressing table decoration, in addition to a modern chandelier in a different place than it is usually used. In this case, the chandelier is located on the nightstand.

Tumblr and boho decor with burnt cement wall.

Build a photo mural in your bedroom tumblr

Another decorative element that is quite common in tumblr bedroom images is the so-called photo panel or mural, which makes the room more intimate and with more personality. After all, this is an extremely cheap and customizable feature to have in your room. Just select and print your favorite photos and use them for decoration.

Furthermore, this mural can be made in many ways. You can simply stick the photos on the wall or hang them on a clothesline created with stretched ribbon and even the string of lights. But you also have the option of hanging your photos on a steel grid or on a panel, which can still be used to hang other papers, such as notes and phrases.

Finally, you are free to use your imagination and creativity to decorate your room using your images. See the inspiring images below to get an idea of ​​how to put together your photo wall.

Image 41: This photo mural was mounted without much pretension, leaving the decoration very personal and homely.

tumblr photo wall

Image 42: But you can also set up a photo clothesline and decorate the headboard of your bed.

Tumblr room with photo clothesline.

Image 43: Also, you can hang your photos on strings of light, which makes the decoration look beautiful.

Photo clothesline with flasher.

Image 44: Another example of a photo clothesline associated with a light string. However, this time the clothesline is fixed to the bookcase above the head of the bed.

Photo clothesline at the head of the bed.

Image 45: Another alternative tumblr room decoration is to use wire grids as support for photos.

Decoration with a wire mesh with photos.

Image 46: In this case, the resident set up a real flasher lights mural, where all her important photos are hung.

Tumblr room with photo mural and flasher.

Image 47: In this other example, a much larger wire grid is used, which also supports images, sentences, etc.

Decoration with photo grid and light string.

Image 48: You can also organize your photos in a standardized way, filling the bedroom walls, as in the image below.

Decorated with a mural of photos pasted on the wall.

Image 49: Another example to help you organize your photos on the wall. In this case, the photos were associated with a sign with important phrases for the resident.

Tumblr room with photo mural.

Image 50: And you can even organize your photos to form a heart, which works as a kind of decorative frame in your tumblr room.

Decorated with heart-shaped photo mural.

Use plants in your bedroom decor tumblr

As in modern and minimalist decor, in tumblr room images, the use of plants in the composition of environments is also very frequent. Plants such as cacti, succulents, Adam’s chops or ribs, ferns, among others, are widely used.

However, it is important to remember that these plants need care and that not all species are suitable for indoor environments. So, research the species you want to put in your room to know what the precautions to cultivate it properly are.

Also, if you choose to have natural plants in your bedroom, remember that you will need time and willingness to take care of these plants. However, if you don’t have the time or have a knack for plants, you can also choose artificial plants as decorative elements. They can also make your room much prettier!

It is noteworthy that you can also use photos and frames that refer to vegetables to decorate your space. The important thing is to use creativity and have good sense to use plants in your decoration. Check out the examples below that have plants as decorative elements in the tumblr bedroom.

Image 51: The decoration of this tumblr room uses different species of plants as decorative elements.

Simple bedroom decor with fern.

Image 52: This room uses only one plant as a decorative object.

Simple tumblr room decorated with bush.

Image 53: Using cactus can also be a good idea to spice up your decor.

Decorated with cactus.

Image 54: In this rustic and masculine tumblr room, the presence of potted plants brings life to the environment.

Men's tumblr bedroom decorated with plants.

Image 55: Another room with different plant species as decorative elements. However, this time the green of the plants contrasts with the mustard on the wall and the black objects.

Decor with plants and yellow wall.

Image 56: Another fourth gray tumblr that gains color with the presence of this plant vase hanging from the crochet support.

Gray tumblr room decorated with plant.

Image 57: As seen in the previous room, this room also comes alive with a hanging plant pot. In addition, the decoration of this environment still has a vase of Adam’s rib leaves.

Simple decoration with wooden pallet.

Image 58: In this tumblr room, the resident decided to decorate a bookcase with several potted plants.

Room decorated with a bookcase full of potted plants.

Image 59: In this female tumblr room, the resident also used several species of plants, of different sizes, to decorate her space.

Tumblr room with geometric decor and potted plants.

Image 60: On the other hand, in this tumblr room you can also observe the presence of potted plants, but what really draws attention are the pictures with botanical illustrations.

Decoration with botanical illustration frames.

+20 tumblr bedroom designs to inspire you

But if after these tips you are still looking for inspiration to decorate your tumblr room, we have separated the images of 20 more projects with this style of decoration. Enjoy!

Image 61: This feminine tumblr room was much more charming with the phrase frames, with the pink pillows and the geometric print bed linen.

Tumblr room with black, gray and pink geometric decor.

Image 62: Now this room with black and white decoration enchants for its simplicity.

Simple black and white decor.

Image 63: A decoration project full of natural elements can also look beautiful. In this room, in addition to the nude colors, you will find a rug, a basket and even a modern lamp made with natural materials, such as straw and string.

Minimalist decor with potted plant and straw lamp.

Image 64: Another female tumblr bedroom with geometric wallpaper. However, in this case, the decoration with gray objects attracts more attention.

Tumblr room with geometric print wallpaper.

Image 65: As opposed to the previous room, in this environment the tumblr decoration stands out for its use of pink, which makes the environment more delicate and romantic.

Pink tumblr decoration.

Image 66: But you can also decorate your room using white and gold colors. However, note that gold is only used in a few details.

White tumblr room with gold.

Image 67: Simple decor can also fit tumblr style, especially if you add a burnt cement wall.

Simple decoration with burnt cement wall.

Image 68: Another example of simple decoration, but using several tumblr style elements, such as a geometric print and a light string.

Simple white and pink tumblr decoration.

Image 69: An environment for young and modern people can use various paintings, plants and other different objects in its decoration.

Modern tumblr room with phrases.

Image 70: Using pillows with different colors and textures is a simple and inexpensive idea to decorate your room.

Simple and cheap tumblr room.

Image 71: You can also use wallpaper with colored geometric pattern. In this case, gray matches the colors used in the rest of the room.

Decorated with geometric wallpaper and checkered bed linen.

Image 72: Your tumblr decor can also look amazing using a dark wall as the flashiest element of the room.

Simple tumblr room with dark wall.

Image 73: Another alternative for decorating tumblr rooms for young, modern people is to mix prints and textures. In this case, this mixture was more balanced because of the presence of the burnt cement wall.

Modern tumblr room with burnt cement wall.

Image 74: The pink color can also be used in the decoration of your tumblr feminine room without leaving it childish. It all depends on the other decorative objects you will use. In this environment, for example, you have the presence of a modern chandelier and the use of dark colors in the bed.

Minimalist, modern and tumblr decor with pink wall.

Image 75: You can also create an amazing decor by painting the walls of your tumblr room with dark colors.

Black tumblr room.

Image 76: In this female tumblr room, the pink and gray objects match perfectly. Also, see how the knitting quilt also makes this environment cozier.

Tumblr bedroom with gray upholstered headboard and pink knitted bedspread.

Image 77: Another recent trend in tumblr bedrooms is to use artificial flowers to decorate your room.

Room decorated with flowers.

Image 78: A decoration that uses colored objects with earthy tones, such as mustard and brown, can also look beautiful and cozy.

Tumblr room decorated in earth tones.

Image 79: But you can also change your bedroom decor by using dark colored bed linens like black and dark grey.

Double bed with gray headboard and black bed linen.

Image 80: But if you intend to transform your simple room with a tumblr decoration, you can invest in a patterned wallpaper, in frames, a mirror and in the suspended plant vase, as in the image.

Tumblr room with decorated wallpaper.


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