Types of Granite: Colors, Textures and +30 Ideas for your Decoration

The most diverse types of granite on the market make this stone one of the preferred ones to be used in works and renovations, especially in kitchen and bathroom cladding. Whether on the sink, on the floor or on the walls, granite is often used in these rooms.

In addition to its beauty, the stone stands out for other factors that make it have the success it has. It has a relatively lower cost, compared to other stones used as coating, such as marble and Siltstone, an artificial stone, for example.

Regarding values, we can say that granite prices vary a lot. This variation is mainly due to the color and uniformity of the stone. In general, more uniform granites are more expensive than those all dotted on the surface. White and black granites tend to be more expensive. The cheapest is usually the gray one, as it is the easiest to find. Prices range from R$150 and R$900 per square meter.

And there’s more! In addition to its value and aesthetics, granite has high strength and durability, which is essential when we talk about counters, sinks and countertops. It can even be used on floors, walls, stairs, island kitchens, bathtubs and showers.

Types of Granite

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How are different types of granite formed?

Granite is a magmatic rock, formed from one or more minerals. For this reason, its original name is “granum”, the Latin name for grain, which describes its appearance well. This stone can be found in different parts of the world.

It is formed by mixing dots, also called atoms, with different colors and shapes. Its composition is mainly made of quartz, feldspar and mica. Feldspar is responsible for giving color to the stone and mica gives the granite shine.

The mixture that forms the granite guarantees particular and unique designs and characteristics to each slab of granite that is taken from nature. It is worth mentioning that this material is formed inside the Earth’s crust, due to its slow cooling and solidification of the magma.

The colors of granite that are most commonly found are grayish and reddish. Still, there are granites in black, blue, yellow, green, white and brown. We’ll talk more about each color throughout the text.

The use of granite is ancient, especially in red. There are records that show that the Egyptians already used this type of stone in the construction of monuments and paranoiac tombs, to give more beauty to the places. In the middle Ages, it was used extensively in homes and churches.

Marble or granite?

Despite being two beautiful and widely used stones, marble and granite are different and have their own characteristics.

The first difference is in the formation of each stone in nature. Marble is formed from a single mineral, together with calcite. This makes it look more evenly colored and have veins on its surface. Furthermore, it is less found in the world, which makes it more valued and has a higher final value.

Granite, on the other hand, as we said, is formed by joining together several different grains and minerals. Therefore, its color and appearance are less uniform, with more blended dots. As it is easier to find, granite has a lower market value.

The advantage of granite over marble is that, due to its formation, it is a more durable and resistant stone, including chemical materials, and less porous. On the Mosh scale, a reference that measures the hardness of terrestrial elements, granite is between 6 and 7, on a scale ranging from 1 to 10. Marble, despite being a nobler stone, has a hardness degree of 3.

Regarding the value, we can also say that marble is much more expensive than granite, mainly due to the fact that the first stone has little national production, as we talked about here, and needs to be imported mostly, mainly from Italy

Granite prices vary a lot, depending on the color and uniformity of the stone. Generally speaking, more uniform granites are more expensive than those all dotted on the surface. The white and black options are generally more expensive, while gray granite is the cheapest, as it is more easily found.

Types of granite

Due to the way it is formed, granite has different types and colors, especially in Brazil, which has a great wealth of rocks and minerals. It is important to know the main types in order to make the correct choice. Check out the main ones below.

Yellow granites

Types of yellow granite

Yellow granites are indicated for environments with few colors and neutral colors, as they are more striking. Generally, they have a heterogeneous surface and mix a yellow background with black, brown, cream and pink dots.

The yellow passion fruit is the most homogeneous among the options of this type, with a browner color. Yellow granites have more affordable prices. See the other colors. In general, yellow granites have low absorption and high uniformity, being widely used as a coating for kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Blue granites

Blue Granite Variations

With the brightest and most vivid coloration, blue granites are used by people who want a more modern decoration. It is widely used in bathrooms, as in addition to the beauty of the stone, this is a color that induces relaxation in the body.

There are options in different shades. The most homogeneous is Norwegian Blue. The other options have great variation, with mixed reddish tones and light and dark surfaces. See the blue granite options and types in the image below.

This type of granite can be used outdoors or indoors and is characterized by the presence of blue, black and brown grains and a gray background. They have a low absorption index and high strength and can be found in the most diverse possible finishes.

White granite

One of the most popular types of granite on the market, white granite has as its main characteristic the background of this color. However, they are not all the same. Most have black dots.

Bronco Itabuna’s is the most homogeneous of all. Siena white also has a uniform surface, but the color is slightly darker, tending more towards a gray than a white.

With uniformity and medium absorption, this granite color can be used both outdoors and indoors, in polished, levitate, flamed or apicoado finishes. That’s a pretty tough guy.

It is noteworthy that this is the type of granite that stains more easily. Therefore, if it gets dirty, it must be cleaned immediately with a mild soap.

The average price of white granites varies between R$ 200 to R$ 500 per square meter.

Gray granite

Among the types of granite, this is the cheapest. This is because gray granite is what is most easily found in nature. They are more neutral and therefore go with almost any type of decor.

The most homogeneous gray granite among the existing options is the Castle. Brascan comes next in terms of homogeneity. Both types have small grains and are more uniform on the surface.

Its price ranges from R$ 120 to R$ 250 per square meter. See options below.

Green granite

With differentiated and striking tones, the green granites add a touch of personality to the decoration of an environment. It is one of the most brilliant types of granites.

Verde Ubatuba is widely used and one of the cheapest among all types. The square meter costs, on average, R$130.

Ella Green is a good choice for people who want to use marble in their decoration, but don’t have the resources to do so. It resembles the noblest stone, with very beautiful white veins.

Black granite

Like whites, they are the most sought after in the market. They imprint sophistication and elegance and can be used in all types of environments. Only five types are found in Brazil. They are: Stellar Black, Absolute Black, São Gabriel, the Milky Way, Arcaro and the Indian Black.

They are more resistant and do not stain, which gives this type of granite a great advantage. Absolute Black is the darkest granite ever found in nature. It can be used in bolder projects, such as modern kitchens, with innovative design.

The price of black granites can vary between R$300 and R$900, with Black Absolute being the most valued.

Where and How to Use Granite Types?

Because it has the most different types, granite can be used in various environments, whether external or internal. We can say that the environments where this stone is most used are in the kitchen and bathrooms.

When chosen for the kitchen or gourmet areas, it is important that you keep in mind what will be the role of granite within the project. You will have to be clear about the role of the stone in this environment. The ideal thickness of granite sheets for the kitchen is 2 cm. It is even possible to use an edge for finishing. This edge is usually between 4 and 5 cm. Consider using a frame to finish.

It is also worth thinking about whether the chosen color will be more discreet, creating a more monochromatic and minimalist environment, or whether the idea is to draw attention to the stone and create a contrast in the decoration. Black, gray and white are always good choices as they are neutral colors.

Also try to match the color of the stone with the colors of the cabinets, coverings and other stones, so that you can make your environment harmonious and beautiful.

When we talk about the bathroom, the environment usually calls for a cleaner and more relaxing decor. For this, it is necessary to opt for a lighter granite, combining it with the other decorative items. In addition to white, black and gray, some types of yellow granite can work in the bathroom.

In bathrooms it is also common to use the edges, which are also known as skirt, with a thickness between 10 to 15 cm. In the washrooms, 20 or 30 cm skirts can be used, since generally this room does not have cabinets under the sinks.

Granite care

Despite being a more resistant stone, granite still needs some care so that it is preserved and lasts longer, without losing its shine or loss of color intensity. One of the precautions that must be taken to keep the stone well preserved is to apply a sealer on the surface, at least once a year. This way, you guarantee that the granite maintains its impermeability and does not absorb liquids that are spilled on it.

It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners with acidic ingredients (such as vinegar) as these substances can stain the surface. Some foods like soda and lemon juice should be kept away from the counter. If they fall on the granite, they must be removed quickly to prevent them from leaving a mark on the material.

Anything spilled on the counter should be cleaned up immediately. Another tip is that you should never use the granite countertop as a chopping board, as this will leave scratches and cuts.

Therefore, for daily cleaning use neutral detergent, damp cloth and clean dry cloth. It is also interesting, from time to time, to carry out a cleaning process so that grease and impurities are removed from the granite with specific products. Check the packaging if the product is suitable for use on granite.

It is also important to be careful with the installation. The installation of granite must be done by specialized professionals, in order to avoid unevenness and headaches in the future. In addition to experience, professionals have the appropriate equipment for the application. Another important precaution is that, as soon as the stone is laid, it is necessary to leave the environment with free circulation, in a way that allows the mass to be very dry and the finish is perfect.

Types of granite: 30 Ideas to use as inspiration for your decor!

Image 1: This white granite was used in this shower.

Shower with granite.

Image 2: In this bathroom, granite was used on the floor and walls of the shower and the back of the toilet.

Bathroom with granite floor and walls.

Image 3: Island made of granite, matching the rest of the kitchen decor.

Island kitchen made of granite.

Picture 4: Bathroom with all finish made with granite.

Entire bathroom covered with granite.

Image 5: Another bathroom inspiration with granite flooring throughout.

Entire bathroom covered with granite.

Image 6: Granite fireplace. Great inspiration for people who live in colder places!

White granite fireplace.

Image 7: Beautiful combination of green granite with black cabinets. Left the kitchen super chic!

Kitchen with granite island and sink.

Image 8: Black granite in white kitchen, with black island cabinets as well.

Kitchen island with black granite.

Image 9: Beautiful floor of this office made of granite!

Office with granite floor.

Image 10: Another example of a granite floor.

Granite floor.

Image 11: Bathroom sink made with granite in yellowish tone.

Bathroom sink made of granite.

Image 12: Gray granite used in sink and shower wall.

Gray granite used in sink and shower wall.

Image 13: Another example of gray granite, this time used in a kitchen sink.

Gray granite used in kitchen sink.

Image 14: Black granite is a great alternative due to its neutrality.

Kitchen sink with black granite.

Image 15: In this kitchen, granite was used on the countertop and wall behind the stove.

Kitchen with granite.

Image 16: Another example of use on the kitchen countertop and stove wall.

Kitchen with granite.

Image 17: Sink and island with granite.

Sink and kitchen island with granite.

Image 18: See how beautiful this option is!

Kitchen counter with green granite.

Image 19: Kitchen Island with black granite.

Kitchen island with black granite.

Image 20: Small sink, but very sophisticated.

Gray sink.

Image 21: Gray granite is very popular in kitchens!

Gray granite.

Image 22: Beautiful white granite that made the kitchen elegant!

Kitchen with white granite.

Image 23: Another beautiful kitchen with granite in the sink.

Kitchen with granite.

Image 24: Granite tiles used in this super modern shower.

Black and modern shower.

Image 25: Granite can also be used outdoors.

Outdoor area with granite countertop and sink.

Picture 26: Beautiful kitchen with use of granite in the sink, which can be used as inspiration!

Kitchen with use of granite.

Image 27: See how beautiful yellow granite looks in island kitchens.

granite sink

Image 28: Black granite used in stairs, together with gray stone.

Ladder with granite.

Image 29: See how beautiful the black granite looks in this bathroom with modern touches.

Bathroom with black sink.

Image 30: The gray marble combined with the furniture of the same color!

Bathroom with gray furniture.

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