Video Hosting: Discover the 4 Best Platforms

Video Hosting: Discover the 4 Best Platforms post thumbnail image

According to data released by HubSpot, 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch videos online every day. This type of content is increasingly consumed, including in online courses. However, to be successful, it is important to use good video hosting.

In digital marketing, it’s not enough to do it, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, from the quality of the past content to the usability of the platform on which the video will be available for access.

That’s why we selected the 4 best video hosting platforms:

  • Wistia
  • Vimeo
  • Spark Videos
  • YouTube

Read on and learn details about each one.


The Wistia is a robust platform and accepts hosting videos in various formats such as mov, avi and mp4. Provides functionality such as automatically emailing the leads list whenever a new video is posted.

With an “interactive chapters” function, the viewer can browse the video without having to watch it completely.

In terms of values, there is a free plan, but it only supports 3 free videos per month and 250 subscribers on the channel. From the PRO plan onwards, the values ​​already suffer a considerable increase and not very attractive for those starting out, which is 79 reais per month.

For companies that want a solution with more features, there is an advanced plan, but the price is passed on directly by the sales team to the interested party.


Vimeo is a site that offers up to 7 TB of storage, depending on the hosting plan that is engaged. They cost between $7 to $75 a month, with payment made annually.

There are four paid plans. All offer unlimited bandwidth, support for HDR and 4K, password protection, private link sharing and domain-level privacy, plus the ability to embed video anywhere. The plans are:

  • Plus — One member only;
  • Pro — Three members;
  • Business — Ten members;
  • Premium — Unlimited views.

To make the videos even more different, the platform has a package that lets you edit the videos and add effects. In a recent activity tab, the Vimeo user is able to view all the videos he has enjoyed on the platform at other times.

He can also join other people’s groups or create his own group, such as a forum. These groups can act as an area to bring together all the people who have purchased your course.

The Vimeo Video School page aims to answer common questions when recording videos or even to give tips to improve quality. However, the tutorials are in English, which is not functional for non-English speaking people.

Spark Videos

Spark Videos is the system that hosts videos from Eadbox, Edools and SparkMembers. We will explain their main features below.


The Eadbox is a good option when it comes to video hosting for online courses. Allows you to upload unlimited videos directly on the platform and supports different video formats such as mpg, mp4, wma, avi and others.

For those who want to get to know the platform better, it is possible to do a free 15-day trial . Anyway, there are four fixed plans and the option to customize it according to your needs.

Some common features of the available plans are the integration with Analytics, the forum, live streaming, simultaneous anti-login and the possibility of logging in with social networks or Google.


The Edools lets you customize the platform according to the preferences of the video producer. The system is responsive and provides customized reports. It is even possible to schedule classes in advance, to define when they will be published. After hosting the video, you can create forums that can be general or separate by course.

If the producer wants to host the video on another platform, there is also the possibility of integration with other platforms, such as Samba Videos and Vimeo. However, it is not necessary, considering the quality of Edools hosting. They can be encoded in up to 3 resolutions:

  • LD (Low Definition): 270p
  • HD (High Definition): 720p
  • Custom resolution according to file

For those who want a higher resolution, just talk to support to find out how to do it and switch to other options, such as SD Higher (540p) to HD (1080p).


The SparkMembers offers its own domain to the area of students, which makes the most professional way. Within your registration, you can define the period that the buyer will have access to hosted videos.

The platform is intuitive and complete, which makes its use very practical for both the student and the seller of the course. Allows you to create landing pages, automate sales funnels and the payment system, SparkPay, is already integrated into the site.

In addition, the member’s area is a space in which customers will feel that they are part of a community, which adds a lot of value to the business. SparkMembers is responsive, so it adapts to any device and has an app for Android and iOS.

To make video hosting even more agile, it provides certificate templates to be automatically issued to the student at the end of the course. All this for free and without bureaucracy.


It’s impossible to talk about video hosting without talking about YouTube. According to data released by Rock Content, the platform has about 2 billion monthly users and its videos can reach new users organically.

However, for those who want to host courses, it is not the most suitable channel. At the end of video playback, the user receives a series of new suggestions, which can redirect him to another channel, instead of continuing to consume its content.

In addition, it does not convey professionalism to the students and it is possible that the producer may suffer from problems related to copyright. However, it is recommended to use the platform as a channel to publicize your business.

Deciding where to host videos is an important decision, as it directly impacts your customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, carefully research the available platforms and think of it as a partner in your business.


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