Weather Release: what it is and how to do it

Weather Release: what it is and how to do it post thumbnail image

The Meteoric Launch is a strategy that combines three mental triggers with groups on WhatsApp, to convince the public to purchase a product or service. It can be used for different types of sales and audiences, as long as the method is used correctly.

It is noteworthy that it is better to carry out this launch when you already have an audience to turn into a lead. Otherwise, it is possible that they are not interested in the announced offer and the effect is contrary to what was expected.

Want to better understand how to use Meteor Launch in practice? Read on and set yourself up for success.

What is and how the Meteoric Method came about

The Meteoric Method was developed by Talles Quinderé, who is an entrepreneur and business strategist, around November 2016. He had an excellent product but was not selling and decided that he would only join Black Friday if he had a great strategy.

That’s when the entrepreneur and his team got together and defined powerful mental triggers to build a structured flow that induces the customer to buy, which are:

  • Scarcity;
  • Anticipation;
  • Belonging.

The method was applied and sales peaked. To validate the technique, Talles decided to use a sample application in 204 different businesses owned by others. So, the idea was put to the test and practically everyone got amazing results. In the study, it was possible to notice that the infoproduct is the one that sells the most with this method, and for realtors, it does not work.

How Weather Release Works

Pre-launch stage

Effective preparation for launch begins two weeks early, with the lead capture phase. To do this, start promoting your product where you know your potential customer is.

An example of this is the movie trailers that start playing in theatres even before the release. The intention is to use the anticipation trigger and generate curiosity in that audience.

Whatsapp group

So, you direct everyone interested to a group on Whatsapp with a maximum of 150 people. As the number of people exceeds this limit, just create a new one.

This group is important for people to create a sense of belonging, as they will realize that they have a limited number of people and will feel exclusive.

In addition, the member will notice that there are other people also interested in that product. This is great social proof that often increases lead engagement until they become customers.

It is important that the group administrator knows how to handle interactions well. First, so that there are no inappropriate message exchanges. But also so that people see some value in staying there.


Day 1 and 2

After having a group on WhatsApp with a certain amount of people, it’s time to start interacting more related to the product. On the first day, upload a welcome video and reinforce the exclusivity those people are having.

For this, talk a little about the benefits of the product/service and its value without discount, but make it clear that in the coming days an unmissable discount will be announced for participants.

This will be reinforced on the second day as well, as there will still be some people coming in. In fact, the better the video on the first day, the more likely it is that other potential customers will join the idea by referring friends who are already part of the group.

Day 3

This is the day to spread the promotional value. This can be either in the form of a discount, a bonus, or both, but be careful that the offer makes sense and doesn’t look like the product is being overvalued. See if the value makes sense to the audience.

Certainly, some doubts will arise regarding the benefits offered. So, this is the time to interact and engage even more with the public, because the cart will not be open yet.

Inform that the sales will be the next day, as this increases people’s anxiety and desire to buy even more. Not to mention that potential customers are already getting ready for the day the cart opens.

Day 4

Make sure your sales platform is working well, so it can handle the number of users. As agreed the day before, send the link to purchase and start selling, but don’t forget to highlight the purchase period, which is usually only 24 hours.

Throughout the day, show that many people have already guaranteed your product. If the group administrator has managed to create a good relationship with the audience, the buyers themselves will be proud to say that they made the purchase and will disclose it in the messaging application.

The group’s movement on the 4th is very important for other consumers to feel encouraged to make the purchase. On this day, set up another group to place only those who made the purchase, to be an even more select audience.

Day 5

It’s the last day of the Meteor Release. Depending on how sales went, it is possible to offer a second chance to those who did not purchase the product, with a smaller discount. If you don’t think it’s necessary, just thank everyone for their participation and close the group.

Use of mental triggers

The mental triggers are powerful tools in the marketing world. In Meteoric Launch, three of them are used and the choice is not by chance. We’ll explain better about each one, so you don’t have any doubts when putting it into practice.

  • Anticipation — This trigger consists of anticipating things that will happen so that the public is already preparing, as happens on Black Friday.
  • Belonging — Everyone wants to be part of communities and social media has made them expand. In this case, the release will place the person in a VIP group, which gives the feeling of belonging.
  • Scarcity — As it’s only one sales day — two at most, but with a smaller promotion — the scarcity trigger is very strong and makes people decide quickly to buy, given the fear of not getting an offer best.


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