What is Landing Page: everything you need to know?

What is Landing Page: everything you need to know? post thumbnail image

If you are into digital entrepreneurship, you most likely know what Landing Page is. But do you have enough knowledge to create pages capable of converting thousands of leads per month?

Keep going here and find out if you know everything you need to create a landing page that truly converts.

What is Landing Page?

The landing page is a page where an entrepreneur makes his offer. Inserted in it, there is a form where people who access your site and are interested in your services, fill in data about them and thus convert themselves into leads.

It is part of the sales funnel process, which helps you take your website visitors to the main step of a buying journey: the sale.

“But why would someone fill in their data on a form and send it to my company? “You must be asking yourself.

Simple, offering something in return! That’s why it’s very important to invest in good rich content like a free e-book or infographic, to offer the lead in exchange for filling in the landing page.

But in addition to infoproducts, other things can be offered such as webinars, promotions, physical products, etc. Remembering that these offers can be free or not.

With lead data in hand, you can better understand your target audience, and thus know how to best reach them.

When a possible lead is destined for your page, it is necessary to use artifices in order to make him interested in the material offered for free.

The must-have elements for a landing page that converts are:


It is from the form that you will get the information for leads. Try to ask for the minimum amount of information necessary so that the number of conversions does not decrease and ask objective and easy-to-answer questions with the intention of leaving no room for doubts.


The headline is the main part of a landing page and the focus on it should be total. Always think about giving very clearly and objectively what you want to disclose, as well as persuasive and impactful sentences that draw the public’s attention.


The landing page needs to have more information about the material you are offering. Make a complete but succinct description of your material and describe the advantages, clarify doubts, convince and add whatever else you think is necessary.

Don’t write too big blocks of text and don’t put in technical details, it turns the audience away. Bold important points and in addition to text, you can use videos for more extensive explanations.


No Google Images! To attract the public to your offer, in addition to the title, the image also needs to be eye-catching. Don’t use generic photos that have already been used elsewhere, create your own art and highlight elements that are needed in your product.

How to Create a Landing Page

You may know what a landing page is, but possibly the entire process of creating it may be somewhat obscure, since to put together an LP you need knowledge in several fields such as programming, design and copywriting.

It’s rather unlikely that you’ll master all these areas, and that’s not a problem!

Nowadays there are already several tools that help you create a landing page and put it on the air instantly. With them you save time, increase productivity and generate leads faster.

The HeroSpark has the ideal tool for creating landing pages: the SparkFunnels. Through the platform, you can create your own landing page in just a few minutes, as the template and design are already completely ready.

In addition to creating landing pages, SparkFunnels features are:

  • Creating sales funnels with leads, and sending unlimited emails
  • Creating lead capture strategies with digital baits, funnels with webinars, all integrated within one tool
  • Metric reports for each step of the funnel

SparkFunnels uses tried-and-true descriptions and titles that deliver results, plus many other functionalities needed for a sales funnel process. And the biggest advantage of all this: Spark funnels is completely free!

Thank you page

After filling in the data on your landing page, the lead needs to receive the proposed material, right? So, ideally, create a thank you page where you can write something to build a relationship with the lead and put a call to action button to download the offer.

You can use the thank you page to link to other related offers. For example, if you offer a webinar on how to stand out in the digital affiliate market, the person who was interested in that content might also be interested in an e-book about digital affiliates.

So, maybe he knows your brand more and more and will get closer and closer to buying something from your company.

Another technique used is offering free testing of services, such as the first modules of an online course, or related things.


To get leads with landing pages, clearly they need to know that the landing page exists! For that, you must invest in high disclosure. This disclosure can be done through the following channels:

Website or blog

The most common is to place a landing page right at the entrance of a website or in blog articles, to take advantage of the traffic that these channels already have. After all, if the person landed on your page, it’s because something on it interested you, so take the opportunity to offer even more content.

Social networks

Social media is also a gold mine for finding leads. Promote your landing page through posts, stories or even in closed groups about your company’s segment. There you can find many people interested in your services.

E-mail marketing

You can offer new content through email marketing after converting a lead and getting their email. Analyze which of your leads continue to show interest in your brand and make new materials available to them to stay remembered.

SEO for Landing Pages

Yes, SEO strategies can also be used on landing pages! If you optimize them, the chances of appearing in search engines are pretty good.

Choose a keyword that is related to the main theme of your content and apply it in the title and description, use a prominent image that exposes the benefits of the offer, and don’t forget to use alternative texts with the keyword.

It is also very important to use templates compatible with mobile devices since nowadays people mostly use smartphones to access the internet.

So, now that you know all about landing pages, it’s time to create yours and convert thousands of leads for your business!


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